Saturday, 17 January 2015

A break too long and an Announcement

this break turned out to be
much longer than expected

december went with waiting
and a cancelled surgery.
a new shedule and little more waiting.

finally a surgery on January 5th
and then a few weeks of recovery.

things are better
I´m almost back to my good old self.
Just need the last check in a week.

I´m sure everything will be fine 
I´m almost ready to start to new year


and now to the announcement

A new Year have begun and that means
changings in the studio.

After designing and selling my handmade bears for 13 years
it´s time for me to close down my bearmaking business.

As some of you know, I also work with Collage and Textile Art, 
and my desire to develope and work with that
have grown this past year. 
And as I still work parttime in a dayjob,
I no longer have the requered 
time to keep up with the bear making.

bears through the years

I have enjoyed working with those little souls during those 13 years and have
so many happy memories from that.
 I will treasure those for always.

One little bear is left on my wesite
go here to have a look
and lots of mohair, mini bear fabric and suppliers
have been listed here


Will be back soon 
to share what´s going on in the studio

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Tina ♥♥♥


Karen B. said...

Oh Tina,
to tell you the truth I am really sorry to hear that you are not going to make anymore of your beautiful little bears but I do understand. I will miss your creativeness but hopefully once in a white you will be drawn back and make a little bear creation from time to time.
Good luck for anything new in your life, may you find much pleasure what ever you do.
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Marianne said...

Different times require different things. Good luck with moving on and leaving something you loved behind. One can do only so much in the given time we have, so it is important to follow your heart. Looking forward to more of your awesome mixed media art.

BumbleVee said...

I haven't done any bears for several years now either Tina....
I always enjoyed to come and see what yours were like and how they were doing.... but, sometimes we want to try some other little things as well ... and, must pick and choose a bit ....