Tuesday, 15 December 2015

It´s beginning to look like Christmas

I´ve been home for a few weeks now
and things have started to settle down.

It's beginning to look like christmas

little christmas trees and a heleborus on my table at home

and my little gnome hanging out
at the new old house

I´m working on a nine patch in between
here´s the beginning

still in progress

a few minutes here and there
that´s all for now

still a few arrangements to be
done before Christmas Eve

happy to be back

Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 6 December 2015

3 month of unwilling absense

I´m back
after 3 month of unwilling absense
Back in my home

I left here with the setup at the Galleri Svanen
for the month of August.

here´s what happened
and what I have been doing:

We were having a vacation in our new old house
enjoying the garden
and decided to paint the bedroom in our home
while out there.

this is what it looked like when we started to paint the wall

and lots of it

in both rooms to the outer wall
our bedroom and my studio

and then the battle with the owner to 
get it fixed started.

in the meantime
we moved a lot of our stuff to the new old house as 
we wouldn´t be able to come back
after the end of our vacation.
thank god we had a place to stay

and enjoyed the summer
too a trip to Kullen in Sweden

enjoyed some lazy days
and I started working in my new studio 
in the new old house

hexi pieces

and preparations for the upcoming Christmas Craft fair
in december

an altered book

made with plaster and cloth

old stuff and dryed flowers
(it here)

from time to time
we checked in on our home
and the developments in the rooms.
This is how it looked like when they finally agreed
to fix it and removed the wallpaper.

no good...

back in the new old house
development on the hexi piece

and some tea bag art pieces
(also here)

old house looked like this
we´re now in september/october

with two empty rooms and everything
moved into the living room
including my studio stuff

some stitched fabric hearts

and a little accordion book

then the snow came

and we´re still at the new old house
We love being here even though it wasn´t intensional

more hexi pieces

and sticthed work

removed the clock parts
and made these into little pendants

listed here

and finally the work was done
the mould was gone
and the wall done in both rooms.

We have moved back

my empty studio.
I decided to sort everything and only things 
I will use got allowed back in.
lots of stuff went in the bin
it felt great.

It took me about a week.

everything is back in order
and I can work in here again

here´s a little view

and it´s beginning to look a little bit of Christmas

the living room table have been decorated.

sorry for the long post
but it HAS been 3 month :-)

I have no idea if there´s still some of you
out there visiting her.
I hope so

I´m back on a regular schedule now

wishing you all a beautiful 2. of advent

Tina ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Art Exhibition

It´s almost time
I have been working hard
to have everything ready for the exhibition

Yesterday was set up day.

here I am
sorting and hanging

the walls with my work is ready for the opening day on saturday

and my business cards are in place

it´s all vey exiting

The exhibition is open during August
on fridays, saturdays and sundays

vernissage is on Saturday aug. 8th
1 pm - 3 pm
I´ll be there


Udstilling på

Galleri Svanen
Sidingevej 37
4560 Vig

Fernisering Lørdag d. 8. august
fra 13-15

Udstillingen varer hele august.
Jeg vil være til stede ved ferniseringen.

Se mere på Galleriets hjemmeside her.

Måske ses vi 


Wishing you all a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Monday, 20 July 2015

Exhibition and Icads

I´ve been busy preparing for an upcoming
exhibition in August
My first with the collage and textile work

it´s quite exciting


I have no idea if there will
be any interest.
we´ll see about that

I´ve been working on some Icads too
Haven´t had as much time as last year
so I kind of fell of the wagon

but here´s some of the finished cards

using ephemera
and vintage fabric
I love the combination

I´ll be back with more info
about the exhibition
just in case someone was near
and would like to visit.

Have a pretty day

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Vacation, snails and a sketch

I´ve been away on a little vacation
We spend a week in the new old house.
The weather was perfect.

Trying to get hold of the garden.
The weeds had taken over during the last few years.

doing my best
and learning

see these little sprouds...
they were my pretty newly planted dahlias
uh oh

the snails are eating it all

fighting back though.
I emptied all my jars and plastic containers to put over 
those little sprouds to let them grow a bit.
ordered some anti snail stuff ( it only harms the snails - I promise)
and hopefully it´ll do it's trick.

it´s already looking better.
Hopefully I´ll be able to show some pretty
dahlias during summer.

the peonies are blooming though

and so were the poppies

I managed to make a little sketch before
 they were gone.

I spend most of the time fighting the weeds
but managed to make some icads in between too.

I´ll show you some next time.

Tina ♥♥♥