Monday, 17 March 2014

Originals - on leftover watercolor paper

I´ve been saving my leftover paper cuts from 
my bookmaking, and knew I wanted to use them for something

the paper is 180 gr. watercolor paper
and would be perfect for little projects.

I´ve only just started, so here´s the first attemps.

using a watercolor set I found recently at a flea market.
I love the soft colors in this

little scraps of collage paper and 
vintage ephemera

adding some stitches too

here´s a closeup of the details

these girls are inspired by the classses and books of
Mindy Lacefield
over at Tims Sally

I´m going to work on more
using some paint and stencils too

quite relaxing

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A bear update and baby dress creations

I've had a bear update on my website - I got the last one I had in mind finished in time
for an update late Sunday.  5 little ones were available

Including this little lady in her coin purse. 
They all sold within a day - travelling out in the world to their
new home. Me - I'll start working on more.

I've also been working with some of the little baby dresses I found some years
ago at a flea market. 

Here's one in progress.
They have been decorated with vintage lace and doilies. 
Sweet fabric images and some jewelry pieces

everything is from my stash of flea market finds.
I'm so happy I had some time to create with this again.
It's been quite some time.

This one even has a little pocket.

Two of them sold very quickly, but there's still one left in the shop.

Spring is about to arrive over here and it's time to start thinking of
upcoming vacations - first one in April will be Italy.
Who could have guest - lol

Trying to find some time for journaling in between the
bearmaking too - miss that.