Tuesday, 25 February 2014

It´s been too long again

what can I say
it´s been way too long since my last 
post - again
 time have been limited for me the last few month
but I´m trying to hang in and working on getting
back to my normal schedule.

I´m working on new bears at the moment for a new website update.
I didn´t get a chance to post about the last one
before they all sold within half a day.

You should know that I´m very very grateful for that.

here´s a little peek on work in progress

a head is done

and here he is sitting on to top
of a little pink one in the making.

this one fitts perfectly in one of my last coin purses.
I´ll have to be looking for more - they are 
really rare over here.

a sweet little pink lady all dressed
up in vintage lace and little rosebuds.

One more is finished.
One little black one is on the work table
after another one, there´ll be
an update - in a few weeks I guess.
If you would like to know exactly when
you´ll have to sign up o my mailing list.

Thank you so much for visiting today
I hope you´ll have a wonderful day

Tina ♥♥♥