Sunday, 26 January 2014

More Handmade Books

I got some more books finished the week

junkjournals or

old book covers and a lot of different papers
for the signatures.

I love these kind of journals.
perfect for traveljournals

lots of little pockets
sewn in here and there
to store little stuff

here´s the covers
for a better look

and the spines

listed these in the shop today.

hurry if you need one.
on demand - it seems.

I´m very grateful for that.

Have a lovely sunday

Tina ♥♥♥


Lululiz said...

They are gorgeous, I love the way you have done the stitching on the spines. No wonder they are so very popular in your shop.

Unknown said...

tina..these are just beautiful! (do i spy soem form "moi?") it's amazing what you've created with these old book spines. pure loveliness. ;)

primdollie said...

these are wonderful!! but....I have been watching the new ones on IG and really love the ones you are creating now with the cab cards! Is there any way that I can get the one with the 3 girls as a reserve listing on etsy when you have it done and post it and let me know and I will go get it!!??? thnx dear! if not I understand!! thnx Linda