Saturday, 28 December 2013

Under the weather

December came and went
Christmas came and went
and I have been under the weather

This happens to me every year

december started out just fine
The decoration came up

I do love Christmas you know
the spirit
the cosyness
the sdecorationes
the dark time
the candle light time

but as we get closer
it wears me out

I know it
and try to prepare

Here´s a little glimps into my december

I was able to work a bit in my journals.
I´m taking a class from the very talented Mindy Lacefield
Here´s from the first project in the 

I love her work
and I´m quite happy with my pages so far.
I´ve only done the first project so far
Looking forward to dig in on the rest.

then it was time for some bear making 
Pandas on request
Worked on bears for The Bear Scout
going out for the fair in january and February

In between we were so lucky to be invited for a mini cruise
to Oslo with some of out very good friends
and that was mush needed when the time came.

we enjoyed the trip so very much.
Got lots of fine wine and delicious food
and went for a Christmas market up there
with snow, and reindeers
It was grand.

back home

finishing up the pandas for the bear scout.
The bears and Pandaes are on their way
at this time

I decided to try working with a canvas
and wanted to make one of the little girls
from the True Free Spirit class

it was meant as a present for some very good friend
but hubby wanted to keep this
so I worked on another one
I´m still learning and are having great fun
when I have time for some studio time

Studio time is a need in december

Christmas eve came

here´s our Christmas Tree

Chrismas eve went 
and it was time for 
some quiet time with some magazines

things are calming down now.
I can see the light again
and it´s almost back to normal

I´m working on my 2014 schedule
and business plan

I´ll soon be back with a more regular posting

started working on new bears today
for a end of january website update.

I´ll keep you posted.

Thank you so much for visiting today
You have no idea how much that means to me.

Happy New Year my friends

Tina ♥♥♥