Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Creating with my {flea market} finds

I took some time off
from the bear making to create with
my flea market finds.
My Etsy shop have been sadly neclected lately
due to lack of time
Not sure how to handle this in the future - we´ll see
I have to make some plans


some time ago I bought some very pretty fabric that have been laying
on my worktable waiting for a project.
So, together with some old cupcake molds 

snippets of vintage lace and
old buttons

I made some pretty little cupcake decorations.

They turned out quite cute I think.
Perfect for a pincushion too

more of the finds

vintage handkerchiefs with embroidery
vintage lace pieces and
a vintage table cloth

pretty fabric hearts

lots of pretty details on these

from the photo albums

decorations with some of the
cdv cards from my recent find

a page from one of the photo albums
with some lace added

and a piece of seam binding as hanger

I also came across some wonderful handmade paper from the 
paper factory in Lessebo, Sweden.
This is very delicate paper in a lovely light cream/yellow tone.
I even got a box full of pretty envelopes
also made from handmade paper at the fabric.

I had some white handmade paper on hand, so I scanned some of my
cabinet cards and made a set of blank notecards.

I have a few more projects planned

we shall see what time alowe.

Wishing you all a beautiful day.
Thanks for peeking in

Tina ♥♥♥

Thursday, 23 May 2013

May - so far....

as for May

as we got home from the Sweden trip,
Hubby went down with bronchitis.
in the meantime the beech finally bursts into leaf

the homemade tomato plants were growing in 
the window sill while waiting for warmer weather
before they could go into the greenhouse

I managed to work a little bit in
my Venice travel Journal

here´s a peek into a few pages

we´re finally getting a bit warmer weather over
here and the porch is filling up with 
homemade herbs

and then I went down with a cold
and still am.
We were suppose to go on open art days
with our friends in the Withsun weekend
so I dooped myself with medication to be able to go.
Hubby wasn´t sure it would be good for me.
but who cares
I knew we were going to start the weekend with my favorite
flea market and I didn´t want to miss it for anything
just call me crazy....

Here´s what I found

2 vintage photo albums in good condition.
They really are rare over here
so I was quite lucky

both filled with cabinet and CDV cards
how cool was that.

I´m sharing some in my shop

and a bunch of lovely bird embroideries

I think they are so pretty.
Would look perfect framed on the wall.
I might use some for journal covers
How about that...

home again after the weekend
and nursing my cold still

it´ll get better soon
I hope

Have a wonderful day my friends

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Back from Sweden with lots of finds

I´m back from a wonderful weekend getaway
in Sweden. Sunny and warm.
Good company with friends and lots
of flea markets.
What more could you ever wish for.

This is the little cottage we stay in. Our friends cottage in 
the little town Lindshammar, just across the border to Småland.

I was aiming for some flea markets 
and did find a few.
This place is an old farm with stuff in 5 buildings.
I have been here before - it´s a good place
even though the prices had gone up since last time

I didn´t manage to take photo the other place.
One was a little flea in a garage at an old ladies house

and one was in the middle of nowhere, in the forest.
A really strange place with a really strange owner.
Lets just say, I was happy we were 4 of us - lol

I had never ever seen anything like that, but digging in,
I found some really great stuff.

I´m going to show you my finds
from this trip.
I´m really  really pleased 

lots of old magasines from the forties.
Aren´t those front pages cute.

some old cashier books and a well worn album

two old photo albums - leather ones.

one is filled with old swedish postcards

some pretty teacups for the bears

silverware and vintage tins

a bunch of vintage letters with pretty writing.

a box with lots of vintage pen nibs

pretty vintage linen

and a bag full of vintage curtain clips.

I´m very happy - can you tell :-)

A lot of this will go in the shop
so if you´re interested, keep an eye out.
As soon as the weather will allow
I´ll take photos and list.

I hope you´ll
all have a beautiful day
my friends

Tina ♥♥♥

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Off to Sweden

this is just a short post

I´ve spend 3 days fighting a nasty bug
on my computer and my website.
Everything is fine now.
Would rather spend my time sewing though.


here´s a few pics from Venice

I love those wall ikons
You see them everywhere in Italy.
So beautiful

It´s holiday over here today
and bankholiday tomorrow
so I have a nice 4 days weekend ahead of me.

I´m off to Sweden with my husband
and some good friends.

Aiming for lots of Swedish 'Loppis'

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.

Tina ♥♥♥

Saturday, 4 May 2013

New Bears and a Virus

Finding out that I have a virus on my
website 1/2 an hour before update with new bears
is NOT good - uurrrgghh 

The website will be taken down very soon and 
hopefully fixed very soon too.

In the meantime
I do have new bears available today

Alfred - 4.5 inch

Ellen - 3.5 inch

Lixue - 4.5 inch

Vincente - 4.5 inch

The bears are available
on my studio shop instead.

No virus on that site
it´s all safe

Thanks for visiting

Tina ♥

Friday, 3 May 2013

Venice Part II and {bear} sneak peek

Venice is also

narrow streets


beautiful old doors

and pretty flower

mood pictures from my trip


New bears tomorrow

Here´s a little sneak peek

I´ll send out information through

It´s a beautiufl sunny day here today
and the weather report is great for the weekend.
cross our fingers the spring have arrived now.
it was still night frost last night.

Wishing you all a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥