Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Venice and That Book Shop

I´m back home
from a wonderful trip to Venice, Italy

We arrived on a rainy day
but that didn´t really mattter.
Everything is SO beautiful in Venice.

here´s the view from our window at the hotel.

The next day was sunny and warm
and we started to stroll the city 

I wanted to show you my visit to THAT bookshop
on the first day.
Those of you, who have taken the 'Ticket to Venice' class with MAM
know which one I´m talking about

The most beautiful book shop in venice
That´s what the sign says.

there were so much stuff to look at.

sorry for the blur on this pic., but I had
to show you the gondola and the decoration inside the shop.

it - is - so - fab.....

books everywhere

even a staircase made of books.
If you climb up here, there´s a 
wonderful view to the canal behind the shop.

I didn´t had time to go through all the books
Would have loved that though.
Bought a few cards for memories
and my travel journal.

Venice Part 1
more to come....


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Miss Venice
but Happy to be back..

Have a beautiful day my friends

Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Vacation time

It´s almost time

Early tomorrow morning
I´ll lbe out of the studio for a weeks vacation in Venice, Italy

{travel books}

If the WiFi works at the hotel
I´ll blog from there

{embroidery for a quiet time}

otherwise it´ll have to
wait till I get back home

{travel journal suppliers}

Weather forecast says 
sunny with some cloud and 68 - 70 degrees.
That´ll work :-)
probably with some rain in between but that´s okay too.


New bears are planned  to appear
on my website on May 4th.
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Wishing you all a wonderful week

Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My {travel} Journal for Venice

I´m going to Venice

and this time it´s not a class
it´s for real
In one week, on April 22th I´m flying in
for the Marco Polo Airport and will be spending
one week in beautiful Venice.
I´ve never been there before so I´m looking very much 
forward to this trip.

I´ve made myself a travel journal for this trip.

Gathering paper for the pages.
The blue book cover with the pretty flowers
you can see in the right hand upper corner in this
photo is going to be the cover for my journal

preparing the signatures

sewing the spine.

I´ve used some of my book cloth tape
and some pretty matching waxed thread

I´ve also sewed in some pockets to store stuff
made from pretty overlays.

Here´s a look at the pages inside.

different sizes
and pages made from my vintage photo albums 

Here´s the finished look

This is the first time I´m going to bring a 
travel journal like this.
Can´t wait to start using it.

Still need to decide what to take with me
as journaling suppliers.

Looks like spring is on it´s way over here.

Have a beautiful day my friends

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Book collaborate and some Journal pages

Some time ago my friend
Sandie and I decided to do a book collaborate

We´re going to create 5 pages - 2 of each
Keep one and send one.
That way we´ll have a wonderful friendship book
the time all the pages have been swapped
containing our own 5 pages and the pages we have received.

We also decided to send along some paper stuff for journaling with each package.
This is what I recieved with the first page.

great ephemera and a roll of washi tape, which is really 
hard to find over here.

Here´s Sandie´s page for me

Sandie is a wonderful mixed media artist and quilter
and work with strong and bright colors.
Since I´m a low color girl and don´t own any colorfull stuff in my studio,
we decided to do the pages in neutral colors.

Here´s a close up of the front of the page.

and the pretty back

This is the page I made for me.
It´s similar to the one I made for Sandie, but forgot to 
take a photo before I shipped it off.

You can see what was in my package for Sandie
if you go here.

The back of the page

Here´s a little sneak peek 
of my next page for Sandie.
I can´t show you more at this time.
It´s going to be a surprice.

Thank you so much Sandie.
I love my first page
This is going to be an awesome book.


I´ve had very little time to work in my journal.
The one I showed you a few posts back.

Here´s a look at the pages.

I´m using this as an everyday kind of journal
of what´s going on in my life

on ordinary days

to keep track of time.
It seems to run too fast.

The sun have finally decided to peek in a bit
We have had some very lovely weather during Easter.
Family have visited
and I´m working hard on the book collaborate, 
an gift for a friends upcoming  birthday,
bears for the next website update
and in the end of this month
is a spring vacation - yeaahh :-)

Wishing you all a wonderful day/evening

Tina ♥♥♥