Friday, 29 March 2013

First Finds

The Flea market season er about to start over here.
Not really until after Easter, but I have been keeping en eye out
and managed to find two small ones in the nieghbourhood.

I try to find those related to scouts or charity.
That´s where it´s possible to find great and cheap stuff.

Here´s what I found the first place I went.

A beautiful silver platter.
I´m going to keep that one
and use it for display

and would you believe this
A hole bunch of flower frogs.
I have been hunting those for years and have only found a few until now.
I got 6 of them for almost nothing.
The hardest is to keep the facial expression
and not break into a huge smile when he
mentioned the price - oh boy :-)

and then a bunch of vintage candler clip holders.
I´ve saved some for me this time.
I´m going to use them on each plate at Christmas
Place a napkin with a ribbon around and then the candle holder 
on top with a little candle  - that is going to be so pretty.
I got a lot though - so some of these have been listed in
the SHOP in set of four, in case someone wanted some
for christmas too or as a pretty decoration all year.

The next flea market was quite okay too
I got these cool vintage games.
I´m sure the exhibitor was thiking what on earth I was 
going to use these for - cheap they were - very :-) :-)

inside the one with the colors were these number cards.
At first I had planned to list them in the shop too
but after a second thought I think they would be very
cool date tabs for my upcoming travel journals
What do you think?

The black and white box contained these
very cool black and white drawing cards
Haven´t decided about these yet, but think they would
make great tabs too - I might list some of these 

some old ephemera.
I don´t find something like this very often over here.

and then there were this awesome vintage atlas.
It´s huge and the cover is torn and in pieces
but look at those leather strips for closure

and inside it´s filled with the most wonderful old maps
from all over the world.
I´m going to use some of these in my journals too.

as soon as we have some prober daylight over here
I´ll take photos and share some in the shop.
They are big sheet thought, so I´ll 
have to bend when shipping.

That was a pretty great start
don´t you think :-)

Wishing you all

A Very Happy Easter

and thank you so much for popping in

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bears for The Bear Scout

I´ve been busy making bears for
my sales agent in the US.

little 3.5 inch Zander in his handknitted sweater

3.5 inch sweet Jesibelle - with dress and hairband

Old style Tyler - 3.5 inch

Little Panda bear Katsu -3.5 inch

distressed 4.5 inch Edmund - SOLD

old worn 4.5 inch Old Josie made from vintage mohair.

Here they are
The gang

They are all available right now

If you would like to buy any of these
or have enquiry about the prices
please contact Felicia at 
The Bear Scout

Wishing you all a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Who can ever have enough

of old photo albums I mean.
well - I do know one person in this house who thinks
I already have enough - but I´m not so sure about that.

I came across these old red albums.
They are from the old eastern europe - I actually think
they´re quite cool

Two of them have decorative images on the front cover.

the bright red one is velvet

they have THE most awesome colored pages inside.
Look at these cool pages.
I´m going to use these in my journal - ofcourse.
Two of the albums is bound with a piece of ribbon,
so the pages are very easily removed from the cover.

and with lots of vintage black and white photos inside.
I removed them all, to clear the pages.

I think I´m going to use some of these cool photos
as tabs and flaps in the journals

there ar tons though
so I have plenty to share.
I´ll go and list some in the shop later.

The only photo with color was this reddish one.
Isn´t she just cute.

on another note

it´s mid march
and we got a snow storm again.
The show is pile high over here
longing for some spring soon.

Have a beautiful day everyone
and thank you ever so much for visiting.

Tina ♥♥♥

Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Journal

This is the first journal I have
made from one of my vintage photo albums.
It´s a leather one, and you can see it has a very
pretty pattern on the front cover

it´s black, so I thought red would work well 

here´s a look at the binding with the red waxed thread.

pages made from all kinds of paper.

This is the front cover. I keept the colors red, black and neutral
and cut out letters from different pages, to form the word

I haven´t had much time to work in it though. 
Here´s a peek of a few pages. 

I plan to use this as a kind of
daily journal.
For everyday life
cut and paste pretty and interesting stuff
Documenting time

I hope I´ll be able to show more pages soon.

I hope spring is in the air at your place.
We got snow again...sign

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Tina ♥♥♥

ps:  rumors says the Goggle Reader will close down on July 1th. 
so if you follow here trough GR I just wanted to say, you can follow along
with BlogLovin too - just click on the follow link in the sidebar.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

vintage photo albums

I thought I would show you my
collection of vintage photo albums.

I´ve been hunting vintage photo albums for 
over a year now and probably more.
Ever since I took the Fult Tilt Boogie
class from Mary Ann, I´ve been
wanting some albums to use for journals.

After a lot of time and a lot of money
I´ve finally managed to get myself a nice little collection

They are VERY hard to find over here.
I´ve been lucky to find some leather ones though.
They are the only kind I´ve seen in Denmark,
so far - no velvets and no celluloids

and they are very high up on my wish list.

velvet ones
and celluloid ones
and finally I got hold of some

yeahh me :-)

these two are very small ones.
If I turn them into journals, it´ll be very small journals
but I might do it anyway.
I think they are so so pretty.
I love the worn look
they are quite miserable though - but who cares....

These are my celluloid albums
I have 3 now :-)

the back of two of them.
yummi velvet fabric 

I got this beautiful white one from my friend Lisa.
This is definately going to be a journal

This blue one is perfect in size
Love the bright color

and the pages inside are
in the most beautiful robins egg blue color

My latest find
a huge french celluloid album
in a wonderful color and with pretty flowers and awesome fonts on the front.

a close up of the front cover.

the pages inside is so pretty.
They are going to be perfect as pages in those
upcoming journals.

Here´s a close up of the pages inside.
I hope this gives you an idea of how pretty they are.

So far I´ve made one of my big leather albums
into a journal.

I´ll show you more about that in another post.

Still hunting.
One can never have enough vintage photo albums

Wishing you all a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥


don´t forget
There´s new bears on the website this evening.