Saturday, 28 December 2013

Under the weather

December came and went
Christmas came and went
and I have been under the weather

This happens to me every year

december started out just fine
The decoration came up

I do love Christmas you know
the spirit
the cosyness
the sdecorationes
the dark time
the candle light time

but as we get closer
it wears me out

I know it
and try to prepare

Here´s a little glimps into my december

I was able to work a bit in my journals.
I´m taking a class from the very talented Mindy Lacefield
Here´s from the first project in the 

I love her work
and I´m quite happy with my pages so far.
I´ve only done the first project so far
Looking forward to dig in on the rest.

then it was time for some bear making 
Pandas on request
Worked on bears for The Bear Scout
going out for the fair in january and February

In between we were so lucky to be invited for a mini cruise
to Oslo with some of out very good friends
and that was mush needed when the time came.

we enjoyed the trip so very much.
Got lots of fine wine and delicious food
and went for a Christmas market up there
with snow, and reindeers
It was grand.

back home

finishing up the pandas for the bear scout.
The bears and Pandaes are on their way
at this time

I decided to try working with a canvas
and wanted to make one of the little girls
from the True Free Spirit class

it was meant as a present for some very good friend
but hubby wanted to keep this
so I worked on another one
I´m still learning and are having great fun
when I have time for some studio time

Studio time is a need in december

Christmas eve came

here´s our Christmas Tree

Chrismas eve went 
and it was time for 
some quiet time with some magazines

things are calming down now.
I can see the light again
and it´s almost back to normal

I´m working on my 2014 schedule
and business plan

I´ll soon be back with a more regular posting

started working on new bears today
for a end of january website update.

I´ll keep you posted.

Thank you so much for visiting today
You have no idea how much that means to me.

Happy New Year my friends

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Work for a Christmas Fair

Let´s just say life are busy over here.
I´m working on stuff for the upcoming
Christmas Craft Fair next weekend.

My only 
'in person' show in Denmark

Here´s some pics of the work in progress.
(all pics from Instagram)

wood hearts
vintage book pages
old velvet fabric

this is how they look finished.

Christmas trees using my Tilly Fabric
and vintage wooden spools

chocolate mold ornaments
in the making

a paper garland

or two :-)

more ornaments
using my rare vintage fleamarket finds

I´m taken some stuff  with me
from my  new line too

these are book covers in progress

signatures for the inside

4 finished journals
ready for journaling, guestbooks
notebooks, diaries ect.

here´s a look at the spines.

I´ve created some little notebooks too
and a few postcards

Busy preparing the table display
and paper work and some last minut

If you´re in the neighbourhood
do come and say hi.

Everything that don´t sell
will go in my shop
the following week.

Back to work it is.

Wishing you all a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Bear Update

I´ve been working on bears for
a winter website update.

6 little ones

available this monday.
Everyone on my mailing was adviced

Holly (sold)

within an hour
5 little ones had found new homes

Magda (sold)

I´m so grateful for that.

Thank you so much to those of you who visited

Lumie (sold)

one little bear was left behind

Winter Spirit (sold)

he´s still available


Sweet little old style Alfred.
4.5 inch tall and made from a vintage mohair
Here´s a link to him

Edgar (sold)

This was the last website update for this year.

I´ll start working on new ones during the holiday season
and a new bunch for The Bear Scout too
Requests are coming in - I´m so grateful for that too.

If you´re on demand for one of my bears
there´s some available at Abracadabra Teddies
still a few (I think) at The Bear Scout
and little Alfred - ofcourse

Wishing you all a wonderful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Postcard Swap

Some time ago I took a change, well knowing that
I wasn´t sure I had the time, and signed up for IHannas

Hanna have been hosting this swap since 2009
I have stumpled upon some of those postcards 
in blogland over the years and thought it would be lots of
fun to participate.

so here I am
creating postcards for the swap

10 handmade postcards

some painted
some collages 
and with a little bit of sewing too

all different
and ready to be mailed out
all over the world
 in the coming days

here´s a few close ups
and details from some of my postcards

I have had so much fun with these cards
and have decided to make more
just for fun

If you want to do this swap
sign up for Hannas Newsletter
and she´ll let you know when the next one is up

I´ll share with you
those I receive in return.

Can´t wait to see.

This is such a great oportunity 
to get to owe some cool art creations
and to make new artsy friends


on another note

I´ve been working on bears too

and a website update is coming up soon

stay tuned or sign up
on my mailing to get notified
as soon as they are there.

back to work

next up
Christmas Craft Fair 
My only in person fair in Denmark
only 3 weeks to go

Wishing you all a wonderful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Since last time

I´ve been following some more of the classes
at the 21 secrets.

I haven´t been through all yet, but
are taking breaks in between to work on my own style.

This is so much fun and a hole
new adventure for me.

I wanted to share with you
what have been going on in the studio.

page in progress

more page in progress

finished page

finished page

experimenting with prints

almost done

working with white space

I try to work in my book
a little bit everyday
enjoying the developments
and the work with colors

After finishing several pages I got some requests 
on IG about selling prints
so I´ve taken the plunge and have been working on
prints from my art journal today.

They actually turned out quite cool.

Printed on matte photo paper
ready to be used in art journals, cut out
in smaller pieces, painted on, framed
- whatever you can think of.

now listed i my shop

right now....

I´m working on:

- the next page for my friendship book swap
- octobers Happy Art Card swap
- christmas stuff for the Christmas Craft Fair in November here in Denmark
- more in my art journal :-)

until next time...

Tina ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Gelli Plate Printmaking been working with the Gelli Plate Printmaking Class by Carla Sonheim.
Some time ago I came across the magic and wunder about the Gelli Plate and decided I needed one

I'm so glad I did
Taking this class have been an awesome experience

I made lots of pages.
Some I liked - some not so much

but it's quite addictive and a great way to make backgrounds for artjournaling

These are some of the pages I made through the class.

I'm quite happy with these last ones.
I've been making lots more. 
Some with bold colors too.

tearing some up - using parts in my journal.
Some for baggrounds for the next cards in my Happy Art Card Swap
more about that later.

Have an awesome day