Wednesday, 19 December 2012

While {we} wait

{Courage consists in the power of self-recovery}
Ralph Emerson
The snow arrived over here.
So did Mr. Blue.
Normally he would arrive at my doorstep sometimes
on the day before Christmas
this year he knocked on my
door already on Nov.1th.
Since then he have been
following me around the house

{while we wait}
I have been doing a little Christmas decorating
in the meantime
and a little bit of cleaning out in the studio.
Going through boxes - sorting a bit
stuff like that.

while doing so, I came across all the cards, and letters
and tags and business cards I have saved from
lovely blogging friends thought the years.

and decided to make a
Friendship Memory Journal
out of those. To have them all gathered in one place
to be enjoyed and to give memories
about all the lovely gifts and swaps I have received

{while we wait}
here´s some of the pages.
And there´s lots of space for more.
I so love this journals of Frindship

The 'Ticket to Venice'
have started and this is my suppliers
I gathered for my journal for this class.

the signatures - all ready

{while we wait}
This is my finished journal.
This is going to be my
'how to' travel journal

I have some really cool vacations coming up
next year and have planned to make travel journals
for those - can´t wait

Here´s the spine.
How cool is that.
MAM is such a wonderful teacher
and I can´t wait to follow along
with the 'fill it' part.
I´ll show you along the way.
That´s all I have been doing since last time.
But that´s okay
Things are going in the right direction
and will definitely be better
Thanks for popping in.
I so appreciate you all
Tina ♥♥♥
by the way
he´s still here
Mr. Blue that is.
Normally he´ll leave on Jan. 2nd.
Cross my fingers he´ll do so this time too.