Sunday, 29 April 2012

My junking finds from Sweden

Despite the short vacation in Sweden
I managed to visit my favorite antique shop
in the area - a huge farm with junk in
4 big barns

Here´s what I brought home with me

beautful pillowcase with embroidery
an old collar, vintage lace pieces
and old coin purse
and a bunch of silk thread i different shades
of karamel-brown tones

here´s a closeup of the thread.
There were lots of them and I got them all
for almost nothing.
Think I´m going to put some up for sale
too, if someone would be interested.

some tattered silver plates
and a cool round silver 'something'.
I have no idea what it have been used for. There´s a little
round ring on the top, so it might have been hanging or something...

old worn books (I see some journals coming up here)
a rusty hinge and some cool
oil sprayers

and this

a hole bunch of old letters from about 1908 and forward
They were laying in a drawer in an old cupboard
in one of the barns, and the owner didn´t knew they
were there, so I got them all for almost nothing

these are all letters to a Miss Ada Svensson
following her life as a maiden and served different families
all over sweden up to her mariage and forward.

There were even a
cabinet card in one of the letters - of her fiancé I think
from ready what I could from the letter inside.

How cool is that.
Some will be for display,
some will be used in artwork.
I think I might have someone to have a look
at them before I pull anyhing apart though.

Wishing you all a beautiful sunday
my sweet friends.

Tina ♥♥♥

Saturday, 28 April 2012

GiveAway Winner...

Hi All
and Happy Saturday

It´s time to draw the winner of my
'snippets' spring Garland
according to ''
the winner is No. 8

Congrats to Carol from

You´re the lucky winner Carol :-)

As a little extra thank you
from me to you
I have decided to send a little something
to two more lucky followers:

No. 16: Deborah @ StarryNightImpressions
No. 5: Karen @ Todolwen

Please send me your details Ladies
My email is in my profil in the sidebar.

Thank you so much
to all of you who entered and
left such wonderful comments.
I wish I were able to send something to all of you.

Wishing you all a wonderful saturday

Tina ♥♥♥

Thursday, 26 April 2012

It turned out to be a short vacation

I´m back from my vacation in Sweden.
It went well
we just thought we would go home before time.....
yeah right...

the true storie is

it was a bit rain - it poured actually, but we knew
it would and were prepared, so that wasn´t a problem.
We also knew there were a slightly problem with the electricity,
nothing that couldn´t be fixed with a extension cord.

not so slightly after all - no light in the bathroom, and in the bedroom
no heat on the radiators (thank good there were an extra heater)
the fire alarms that went on for no reason
no hot water in the kitchen - all of this wasn´t really a problem that
couldn´t be fixed with more extension cords and the hot water from the bathroom

see - the thing is...
I really like nature - I really do.
I just like nature best, when nature stays outside, where
nature belongs.
So when the mouse started to run in the wall and all over the
the ceiling and a bat came into the house
and I didn´t get much any sleep, hubby though it
was best if he drowe me back home.

needless to say I didn´t complete much

A little embroidery was all.
I´ve been working on this little sampler
after we got home too.

I also got to do some junking - I´ll show you
the goodies in another post.


There´s still time to sign up
for my giveaway

I´ll draw a winner on saturday.

Thank you so much for visiting today
and I wish you all a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥ 

Friday, 20 April 2012

A Spring Vacation, Creation and GiveAway

A long awaited spring vacation is coming up - yeahh

Tomorrow morning I´m heading here

Doesn´t it look awesome.
We were here last year too.
In a little read wood cottage in the middle of the
swedish forrest overlooking this beautiful lake.
it´s all about relaxing, kayaking, fishing, antiqueing
and with no internet connection - wanna come...

it´s suppose to be rain, but I´m gonna be prepared - with rain boots and coat
and lots of books and needlework.
Bringing stuff for some new projects

I´m sure it´ll be awesome.

I´ve been working on some spring creations
in the studio this last weeks 

here´s a little close up.
These are more of the 'snippet' project I´ve been talking about

including some embroidery

pretty cones and garlands


which lead me to the giveaway - yeahh

I though it was a about time
to offer a giveaway again
for my wonderful followers
while we wait for spring to arrive over here

one of my new 'snippet' garlands.
There´s 5 triangles on this - all different
created from my flea markets finds.
All reuse. The base is vintage table cloth
with vintage lace pieces and
sweet embroidered handkerchiefs

here´s a close up, so you can see more details
all on a twine, ready to hang


if you´re a follower
 and would like to get a chance to
win this spring garland
all you have to do
is leave a comment on this post
and I´ll draw a winner on

April 28th

at that time I´ll be back
reloaded and re-energized from a hopely relaxing vacation in Sweden.

Wishing you all
a beautful day
and a wonderful weekend.
Thank you so much for popping in today :-)

Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Flea Market Season is Open

The flea market season is finally opened over here
long awaited...

and I had the time to go today.
It´s still early in the season and there´s not fully booked
due to the still cold and rainy weather over here
but I did manage to find a few goodies

and old wooden box
all filled with old recipe cards

think they can be of good use in upcoming projects.

a few doilies and a pretty old collar

and this beautiful rhinestone necklace.

Can´t decide if I should split it and use it
in my creations or wear it instead.
What do you think?

Wishing you all a beautiful sunday

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Making Pretty Hearts

I´ve been working on my 'snippets' projects
from last post during Easter - a little studio time
in between family visits can do wonders.

I used my little pieces for some pretty hearts

like the books, this
is a great project for using all the
little left over pieces

here´s a close up of a few of them

and the best part is - it´s all reuse.
Everything I used for these hearts are from
my flea market finds

crochet pieces, vintage lace pieces
some beautiful old handkerchief with wonderful embroidery

all sewn up from a vintage table cloth

There´s going to be one for my friend 'J'
a few for the shop
and one for me too.

Working on some more 'little snippets' projects.
It´s so much fun.

Have a beautiful and fun day

Tina ♥♥♥

Friday, 6 April 2012

On My Work Table

at the moment

little snippets of

Have a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

After Party Sale

I have finally recovered from the party :o)
No - it wasn´t that bad
Everything went very well and all the guest was very pleased
It was a very cosy evening.

Here´s the house where it was held.
It´s an old thatched farm in my tiny town

I totally forgot to take photos, only have a few.
Here´s how the table looked before the
starters was placed on the plates

and the wonderful cake my daughter made for me.
a yummi chocolate cake

with blueberry cream and cocoa


I have been cleaning and sorting in the studio
and found a lot of forgotten items in my cupboard.

So I decided to have a huge

Lots of stuff have been listed in the shop
and more will come.
The prices are heavely reduced
so feel free to pop over and have a look.

here´s a few photos of some of the items listed:

cute little tag with matching burlap bag,
with the word 'JOY' embroidered on the front

Lots of sweet little notecards
for every occation - blank inside
and with envelopes too

pretty fabric gift bags

a sweet one-of-a-kind lace collage
with a pretty fabric image
and a touch of pale pink and wine red.

Here´s a link to the STUDIO SALE section.

Wishing you all a wonderful day

Tina ♥♥♥