Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Finds from a rainy day

Hello Sweet Friends

Remember I promised to show you
the finds I got at that rainy junk hunting day with our friends.
So here goes...

two glass flower frogs - how cool are they.
Isn´t it funny how things I have never seen before over here
are started to show up.
Wooden ends from a curtain rail.
Silver milk and sugar bowls.
lace, silver spoons, tiny bells and an old book.

Here´s a close up of the lace piece and
the silver spoons. See that spoon with the holes...
I have no idea what it has been used for -
does any one know? 

These tiny bells are for the bears

a pale pink lampshade

and these awesome little ones.
Aren´t they funny.
I have planned to remove the fabric and turn them
into little hangers for display of tiny stuff

More lace.
I just can´t resist when I see some.
A tarnished silver tray
(already turned into this)
and a sweet little photobook to alter

and then these...
How cool are they...
It wasn´t even me who saw them.
Our male friend was wandering around looking for stuff for me
as he think it´s kind of cool and by accindent
found these old worn coffee filters and brought them to me.
I LOVE them.
Can´t wait to create with these.

I went hunting last sunday too :o)
More finds to show you - yeaahhh.

Wishing you all a wonderful day
Tina ♥♥♥ 

Friday, 24 June 2011

One Little Creation

that´s all I have accomplished
the last two weeks.

well - that´s not completely true
I have been working really hard actually.

I´m so out of time and so far behind schedule.
Could I just wish for more hours in a day.

Currently I´m working hard to complete a huge shop order.
I can´t tell or show you anything before a few more month.
And I just realized that september will be here before we know
so I have to start working on the bears for the Hugglets Show in London.

I did had plans with Christmas in July on Etsy, but
I´m too late this year and to start create with my newly found
flea market goodies - so many ideas are floating in my head...

back to my finished creation

last weekend we spend time with friends
in their summer cottage
relaxing and junking
I did have some creative time too
so I made a sweet little altered book

a perfect project for some time out of the studio.
I had brought a little basket with bits and pieces
and suppliers, just a case..

here´s a little closeup of the pages
using papers, lace pieces

sweet images, vintage buttons

a vintage doily on the front and some cheesecloth

The junking
oh - that was great.

We had planned to visit the big outdoor market
(my favorite one) but the rain was pouring
so there weren´t many booth, but our friends knew
a few indoor ones, so we spend saturday hunting.

I can´t wait to show you what I found
Just you wait and see :o)

Also wanted to say a big welcome to my new followers.
I know I promised a 600th followers giveaway
and I haven´t forgotten, just haven´t had the time to get around it
Will you bear with me for a little more time?

Wishing you all a wonderful day
Tina ♥♥♥

(ps: the book will be in the shop later)
SOLD - Thank you

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

White Finds

Hi All

The flea market season is upon us
and I SO love it
It´s also White Wednesday
so this gives me the chance to share
my resent finds with you
you´re so gonna love this...

this is a bunch of crochet pieces and lace
I found in the button of a trailer
actually hubby saw it first and asked the man
how much this was, as it WAS a bit dirty he said (my hubby)
well - you can have it all for....
2 $

this bunch wasn´t that cheap
but still a great buy
and I so love it all

Found a tiny flat box - well worn
and it turned out it was filled with vintage hankies.

what´s it gonna be, what´s it gonna be
a pretty garland maybe
or sweet little bears dresses
Haven´t decided yet

a hole lot of vintage cake molds.
I see some pretty ornaments coming up here.

some awesome old damask table clothes.
Thought they would be great to turn into napkins, or
trivets or little bags or....

What do you think?
Any ideas?

and this

THE find

a bunch of vintage dolls dresses - yeaahh
How pretty are those.
I have never seen any before over here
and have so wanted to find some
and there they were.
I did have a lady next to me watching closely as I took them ALL up
She asked for a price and you know what..
The sweet lady in the booth said she wanted to see
if I was going to have them and therefore she had to wait
and I just crammed them in my hands until she lost interest and walked away
and I got them all for almost nothing

How lucky can you be.

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over at Faded Charm

Next flea market is on saturday
Can´t wait to go

Have a beautiful day
my friends

Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Making Pretty Garlands

Hello All

I hope you all are enjoying the sunday.
We have a beautiful sunny day here today.

You have probably seen all these beautiful
garlands made of vintage doilies around in blogland
so when I got my hands on a bunch of doilies
at my latest flea market I decided to make
my own version of a doily garland

I decoated the doilies with cheesecloth
and a sweet image printed on muslin

Think they turned out quite pretty

on the left in this photo
there´s one made of little lace pieces
all decorated differently

the doily garland with the pretty images

and here´s a close up of
the lace garland

vintage buttons, religious medaillion,
sweet images, a vintage key

so here they are in my version.

the greatest joy
is to create with those flea market finds
I just love that.
The garlands will be in the shop later today.

What have you been up to lately?

Wishing you all a beautiful sunday
Tina  ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Two Wonderful Swaps

Some time ago I arranged a friendship
swap with my friend Hope.
We have been partners some time ago in a petite box swap
and wanted to do a one-to-one this time.

Here´s what it looked like when I
opened the parcel from Hope

all wrapped in my favorite paper
Old sewing patterns.

Inside was this beautiful dolls head

a big bunch of cabinets cards - Oh, I love them
a little jar with vintage buttons
and a tiny matchbox decorated with
one of Hope cute little nests.

She also made me this beautiful box
with another nest
and two beautiful glittered birds on top.

here´s what was inside
dominoes, game pieces, a sweet little tin box, pearls
and awesome vintage typewriter keys.

some german dolls (Hope knows I love those)
and a beautiful soldered charm with lace

Thank you SO much sweet Hope.
I love everything you send me.
Looking forward till next time ;o)


Remember I told you I also
did a one-to-one swap with my friend Lynn.

We wanted to do a Petite Box Fleamarket Style
in neutrals with a handmade to go with the box.

Here´s the beautiful card Lynn made for me.

Her box was SO beautiful decorated with layers
of lace, doily, fabric and a beautiful flower on top.
Check out the photos Lynn took of the box
before she send it to me.
She´s such a talented photographer also.

Here´s the back..
See what I mean....

filled with wonderful vintage lace and buttons
a sweet thespoon
and an awesome rhinestone piece 

This was inside one of the wrapped doilies.
How awesome is that

Thank You SO much Lynn.
I love everything - ofcourse I do
and I can´t wait to create with all this beautiful stuff.

Isn´t friendship swaps just the greatest.
I love doing those
and isn´t the blogging community the most awesome
and generous community of all placed.
I do think so.

Thanks for visiting
and wishing you all a beautiful day

Tina  ♥♥♥

Monday, 6 June 2011

Creating with My New Finds

Remember the old books I found in Sweden

I scanned some of the frontpages
and had fun making little
Bookmark Tags

some Natures Inspired
with stamped Bird and Nest images 

and some French Inspired

using a little piece of vintage lace
and muslin with stamped French Themes images.

I think they would be pretty as bookmarks, tags
or in a handmade journal.

I do have plans with the real books though.
Just haven´t had time to get around that.

I´ve also been playing with
one of the old coin purses I found at the same time

The little brown one have got some lace on the front

teadyed seambinding, teadyed lace

an old key
a doily
and a sweet little nest inside

a bit of wire added as hanger

and here´s the finished result.
A sweet little wall hanger decoration.
Will be in the shop later.


I´m going to show you
a one to one little petite box swap
I did with my friend Lyn.
She haven´t received her box yet, as the Canadian Postworkers
is having a strike, so I´m going to wait until next post
and hope she gets her soon.

and almost 600 followers I see.
How amazing is that
That means I´m going to start working on a giveaway soon

Thank you so much for visiting today
You all means so much to me.

Wishing you all a wonderful day
Tina ♥♥♥