Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Too Late for Christmas

Could I please ask for the time to stop
for a little while
just a few days or so...

oh - I´m so late for Christmas this year.
I didn´t manage to get our advents wreath
finished in time
and this has never ever happened for me before

you see - I thought I had plenty of time last week
and when friday arrived I still hadn´t done it and
I needed to finish a few things for the craft fair
starting on saturday
so I when in the studio instead thinking
I still had saturday evening to
make the wreath....

I went happily ahead for the craft fair saturday morning
Hubby was driving me, there were so much snow and we
had to drive really carefully all the way.
Arriving safely I just had to carry
my bags inside while Hubby parked the car -
watching my stepps in the depp snow bending
down to grab the bags
and got this nasty
pain the bag

so, spending time at a craft fair on pain killers
are NOT all that funny I tell ya`
Do I need to say, I didn´t get that wreath finished
when we got home saturday evening....

This can teach me to do my exercises right

Painkillers and craft fair on sunday again.
The fair went very well though
I did have a great time despite

The advents wreath?
I finished it today.
We´ll light the first candle this evening.

(still on pain killers
but doing a little bit better)


A big thank you to those of you who took
advantage of my Thanksgiving Blog Offer.

Wishing you all a wonderful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Thanksgiving Offer for my Blog readers

Happy Thanksgiving to All of you.
We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving over her
but I have decided to do a little celebrating anyway

to celebrate all of you my dear blog readers
I´m having a Thanksgiving offer in my shop
from now through Cyber Monday

20 % off on all items
if you use coupon code
at checkout

I´m going to a craft show this weekend
so a few items will be taken out for this on friday evening (my time)
so if you have had your eyes on something special
now is the time to check it out.

Everything that don´t sell at the craft Show will go back in the
shop sunday afternoon (my time) before the offer ends on monday.

Wishing you all a wonderful
Thanksgiving weekend

Tina ♥♥♥

Monday, 22 November 2010

A Wonderful Swap

I´ve been working on a privat swap with
sweet Julia
We decided the theme should be Christmas
and this is what I received from Julia

two wonderful ornaments created in fabric and lace
a christmas tree and a star

awesome lace and trim
wonder where she got that idea

vintage stencils
with MY initials - how cool is that
a beautiful doily and an old german book

a bunch of paper Christmas trees
ready to unfold and put up as decoration

vintage buttons
an old rusty hinges
beautiful keys

and what about this
This is the lid of a wonderful tin

and here´s the rest
This tin is so so pretty
I love how it´s decorated

and THE most beautiful Christmas Wallhanger
you cold ever imagine

I told ya`

Thank you SO much sweet Julia
for making this for me.
I can´t wait to decorate for christmas
and I will treasure all your creations forever.

If you haven´t visited Julis blog already
make sure to pop over and have a look at her wonderful creations
Tell her I send you.

Wishing you all a wonderful day
Tina ♥♥♥

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Show Update

Time is approaching for this years last show

The Teddies Worldwide Online Show
The show starts on Saturday Nov. 20th
at 9am NewYork time
and ends sunday Nov. 22th. at 4 pm.

I have 4 little ones available at this show
one of them is this little sweet Christmas Bear.

She is named Joy and are 4 inch 
sitting in a vintage mold
with her own teeny tiny Chrismas Tree.

This show is having its debut this year
with participation of lots of wellknown bear artists.

The sneak peek is open
so pop over here to have a look at all the amazing
bears for this show.

Check out what time the show opens
in your part of the world here.

I´m really looking forward to this
and I hope you´ll drop by and enjoy the show.

Wishing you all a very merry....
lovely day

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A New Canvas Creation and the first sign of Christmas

I´ve been having fun with the lace again
and created a new collage.
This one is sewn onto a canvas
You can just see a bit of the canvas underneath
the layers on this photo

I think the canvas gives a great
dimension to the collage.

So I used different layers of lace
and an old doily
added a bit of creamy silk

some vintage buttons
and a sweet image on muslin in the middle 

quite pretty I think
and all ready to hang


The first sign of Christmas is here

I bought a few hyacinths today
removed the soil on one of them
and hope it will grow in this old jar

the rest of them were planted
in a little zinc bowl
and are now the first to see
when entering my frontdoor.

Thank you so much for visiting
and I hope you all will have a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Time is running fast

Sorry it´s been a while since I posted
Time is running so fast for me these days.
Have finished a few project though, so next
weeks is going to be much better.

All the advent presents are bought.
Only need to finish the last homemade one.
and yes - sweet children, if you read this,
one of you is going to have homemade gifts this year :-)

I´ve also finished this little Christmas Collage

the background is the cover of an old book.
Layers of fabric, lace, ribbon, trims
and an old watch.
It´s now in the shop

The weather have been cloudy and rainy over here
so I had some trouble taking photos of
the next project.
I´ve been working on a privat swap
for a very sweet German friend
and I´m only going to show a little sneak peek
as the package will go in the mail
tomorrow and I´m not going to spoil
the surprise for Sweet 'J'.
Please bear with these dark photos
I promise it all looks so much better in real

The bears for the next online show
Teddies Worldwide
next weekend is finished
and I have finished my show page today too.
So everything is ready - set - go
A little sneak peek of that later this week.

Also signed up for the
Vintage Stocking Swap
over at Joli Paquet

This is going to be fun.
I´m really excited to see who´s
gonna be my swap partner.
Today is the last day for sign ups
so if you haven´t already hurry over then.

Wishing you all a wonderful sunday
Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Papier Mache and Bears

Just a quick note to let you know the
Magical World of Teddybears
Online show
is open
I have 3 bears available

This little one is
He´s only 4 inch and made of
a lovely ruby red vintage furniture fabric.
Here´s a link to my show page
if you would like to have a look:

And what have this to do with papier Mache
you may ask
I spend all saturday doing a class
to find out how to make papier mache
and this is what I´m going to do again today
already make 3 little figurines
that are now drying over at the classroom
cross my fingers they are still in one piece
when I get there in a few hours.

so back to the show.
The show room will be open until 5 pm sunday (danish time)
and I will be away from the studio from
9.30 am until 4pm, so if you write me
and I´m not answering you´ll know what I´m doing and I will answer as soon as I get home

have a wonderful and creative sunday
sweet friends

Tina ♥♥♥ 

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Just a Few Christmas Projects

Christmas will be here before you know.
and I´ve been working on a few Christmas Projects

still using the lace stash
big surprice - lol

I made up a few cones
decorated with old paper too
and sweet images

and while sorting in the studio I found these twig swings
I bough some years ago. They have just been laying there
for a project to turn up.
And here they are with paper dolls made from a vintage photo
and a little bit a lace.
I think they turned out quite cute.

another cone
with doll and a little bit of bling.

This is the latest creation.
A bell shaped cardboard ornament
(the half of it actually)
Decorated inside with bits and pieces of vintage
lace, cheeseclothes and a doily.

and with a sweet image on top of the lace,
some vintage buttons
and a piece of junk a beatiful rusty
broken jewelry.
The 'bell' decoration is hanging in a piece of old lace.

You just can´t be to early with those
Christmas Decorations
can you....

Wishing you all a wonderful day
Tina ♥♥♥