Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Few Castles and Churches

I´ll like to show you a few photos of how it looks
like where I live.
Half an hours car drive east from where I live
is Copenhagen the Capital

Amalienborg Castle

this is where our Majesty the Queen and her family lives.
There are 4 buildings like this surrounding 
the square and if you look close you can
see a little red sort of tower like thing
standing on the right side of the gate in the back.
These are sentry boxes still in use.
The Royal Danish Life Guards are wachting.

Marble Church

Standing on the square
you can see the big Marble Church
also called Frederiks Church.
The church is open for the public and there a staircase
to the dome with the most beautiful overlook of Copenhagen


As we didn´t manage to travel to Amsterdam this time
we took a trip to our own canal - Nyhavn - also
situated in Copenhagen.
These are restored really old building
and it´s alway such a nice walk along the canal.

If you drive half an hour up north from where I live
you can visit this castle

Frederiksborg Castle

This castle was used for hunt and home for the king
in the old days.
It´s now open for the public and housesT 
the National History Museum.

the great hall

Inside you can see the great Hall.
Imagine the beautiful balls held here.

Frederiksborg Castle Church

Inside the Castle is also the
Castle Church.

This Church is still in used and very popular
among the young people for their confirmation.

The beautiful Chuch Organ.

This is just the few places we were visiting during our vacation this time.
If there´s any of you out there interested in History,
then come on over to see even more
("wink" "wink" Ruth)

I hope you enjoyed the photos.
Wishing you all a lovely day.


Friday, 23 April 2010

Playing with Muslin again

Inspired by this post over here
I decided to try to print on muslin.
I´ve never tryed this tecnique before, and so it must be on time, you may say
and it´s definately not the last time I´ve done this.

so - of to find some pretty prints.
It can be hard to see on these photos
but one is a sweet dusty image from an old photo atelie

the other one is a french monogram from

adding a little vintage lace

and some vintage buttons too
I turned my printed muslin into
French Inspired Lavender Sachets

pretty huh....

I wouldn´t be surpriced it there
turned up more created from printed muslin
you know - I know me...

This was so much fun
and if you haven´t tried yet, you just must
okay - maybe you all already have but me  - lol

Also been to a few trip during the week
and this time I remembered to bring my camera
so I do have a few photos to share with
you in the next post.

now - of to create more with printed muslin.

Thank you so much for stopping by today
and wishing you all a wonderful
and create friday

Tina ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Grand ReOpening

Finally finished.
My website have got a facelift with new background, new graphic
and new categories.

and the new creations have been listed

including this little bear

Little Norah and Her Nest

To celebrate the Grand ReOpening
I´m offering a discount on 20% on ALL items on my new website
and on ALL items in my 3 shops
From today until April 30th.

Here´s how it works:

If you would like to buy something on my website, click the email button, write me a note and
I´ll send you a Paypal invoice withdrawn the 20% discount.
(discount on the ordinary price - not the shipping costs)

If you are buying something in one of my shops,
I´ll make you a refund on the 20% discount.

Write 'Grand Reopening'
in the email or in the note to seller
so I´ll know you have seen this offer.

Here´s the link to my website:

You´ll find the link to my shops
in the left sidebar.

I would love to hear what you
think about to new look.

Have a wonderful day

Monday, 19 April 2010

New creations on the way

I´m working hard on creations for
the Website Grand ReOpening.
Some of them are one-of-a-kind

Here´s a little sneak peek for you to see

I hope to have everything ready in a day or two


I´m also enjoying the sunny weather we have over here these days
and yesterday we had a great trip to Copenhagen.
I´ll share photos in a later post
so you all can see how it looks like where I live.

Thank you for popping over for a visit
wishing you all a wonderful day
Tina ♥♥♥

Saturday, 17 April 2010

May Basket Swap

I promised to show you photos from my swap with Heidi.
We were set up as partners in the May Basket Swap over at Artsy Mama.

Here´s what I made for Heidi

we decided to put our goodies in a tote instead of a basket
to make it easier to ship - this is the tote I made for Heidi

this is what I chose to put inside

the text on the ribbon means 'Merry Christmas' in Danish

and this is what I received

a beautiful pink tote with a vintage doily on top

filled with lots of goodies
so beautifully wrapped.

a little foil bag with vintage thread, lace and wooden spools
and a  beautiful little canvas with a T, that Heidi created for me.

more lace, pearl, a sweet vintage felt flower in a little vase

a tiny box filled with vintage buttons
and decorated with tiny keys and a beautiful medaillion
and look at those tiny letter 'pins' in the match box.

lots of vintage emphemera
and a sweet cabinet card

old cards
and this beautiful collar.

How about that...
I just love everything Heidi sent me.

Thank you so much Heidi
oh - and Heidi is thinking of hosting a "Tin full of Treasure" swap
so if you would like to join, make sure to pop over for a visit.


update on the Amsterdam trip....
well at this time there´s a strong probability
we won´t be able to go
The airspace is still closed - so far it will last until 2am the night between saturday and sunday
and our plane is sheduled to sunday morning at 7am so....
I´ll probably know more later today

update 2:
no trip to Amsterdam
Flight just got cancelled.
The good news is - the website Grand ReOpening
will be soon than expected

Wishing you all a wonderful day


Thursday, 15 April 2010

My Vacation hang by a thread

So, I told you yesterday
I was going for a short trip to Amsterdam on Sunday
maybe not

there´s a volcano eruption
on Iceland right now
and a HUGE sky of ash is blowing.
All flight in Northern Europe are grounded
and no one knows when this will be over

on to something more fun
My swap partner for the may Basket Swap have received her goodies too
so I´m going to post photos tomorrow.

see you

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another Sneak Peek

Remember I told you about the exciting swaps coming up?
I have received my May Basket 'Tote' from Heidi
and it´s so wonderful - you just have to wait a bit more for the photos though.
I want Heidi to receive the one from me first - and it´s almost on her doorstep.

Today I mailed out my Tussie Mussie
from the swap over at

and here´s little sneak peek of the Tussie Mussie
I have made for my swap partner Stefanie

It have been so much fun finding out what to
put inside - I really hope she likes it.


Still working on my website - lol
Actually I´m almost done
new creations are ready too (almost)

here´s a little sneak peek of one of the graphics.

But since I have a little vacation coming up -
heading for Amsterdam on Sunday
for a 4 days trip -
I have to wait with the Grand ReOpening till after my vacation
A lot more about that in a later post
so stay tuned - you just don´t wanna miss it - lol

Have a wonderful day
Tina ♥♥♥

Friday, 9 April 2010

Victorian Style

Wanted to show you what I have been working on lately
with fabric and pretty ribbon

I call them my Victorian Pincushions

I wanted to put together colors
that I don´t normally do

and create some untraditionel pins too.
This one is made of old upholstery fabric with a vintage button on top

and here´s one made out of papier mache, painted cobber
and decorated with old lace and a green twine.

blue paisley on top
pale pink at the button and
a sweet green pon-pon ribbon

I think they came out quite cute
I did have a lot of fun making them.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
Take care

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

May Basket Swap Sneak Peek

I´m having some great swaps coming up this month
First one is The May Basket Swap over at

Here´s a little sneak peek of the goodies for my partner Heidi

This is my first Basket Swap - in fact it´s a tote swap
as my partner and I decided to put our goodies in a tote instead
to make it easier to ship.

I have had soooo much fun with this
and I just hope Heidi will like what I have found for her.
I´ll show you more photos later.


I´m also working on a new look on my website these day.
and I mean really working.....
Just have to tell you, my new computer and I
are NOT good friends yet

I wanted to expand my website to include more of my creations than just the bears
and I have lots of ideas for the look, new creations and new graphic too
and no matter how I do, and what I do
I just get the most strange look in my webdesign program.
Everytime I create a page it just looks really weird.
The background won´t fit the screen size
and it all looks totally different when I upload
oh well

still working

and I WILL have a grand opening
when I managed to get a decent look.

Wishing you all a lovely day

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all
a happy and blessed Easter

Take care
and don´t eat too much chocolate now...

Tina ♥♥♥