Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Artist Class

Just in case you haven´t seen it
The next session of Artist Class is just around the corner
and it´s a Garden Party 

This Vintage Flower Garland is my contribition
to The Garden party

If you would like to know how to make this Flower Garland
or any of the fantastic projects
sign up here

You get access to all project when you sign up.
Read more about it all here

Make sure to use the code
for 10.00 off the price 

Happy Creating
Tina ♥♥♥

Sunday, 28 March 2010

My Moms Book

This is my moms old Catholic Prayer book.
She had this book in her childhood
and used it while she was teached in school by nunes.

I inherited it when my Mom died in a young age.
In the back of the book
inside the cover
she had saved all her memory cards

these are catholic cards she got from the nunes
and her friends - they gave these cards to one another
to keep memory of their friendchip

I love those cards
not only because they were my mothers
but also because I think it was a very sweet way of showing friendship
and I do find they are very pretty too.

some of them have prayer on the back

I wanted others to be able to enjoy some of my mothers cards too,
so I have scanned a few of them

and glued them onto heavy cardboard
so they now have the same feeling as cabinetcards

and turned them into a little set of 5 different cards
bundled up with some of my vintage lace.

My Moms Catholic Card sets are available here.

Wishing you all a wonderful sunday

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Spring finally arrived over here
Today we have had the most beautiful sunny weather.

so - I wanted to share with you
a few photos of my spring flowers
planted out

in pots on my little balcony
besides my frontdoor

also celebrating the look of my blog.

Sweet Karen over at
Valentine Design
have created my new background
and the new look of my banner.
She is SO talented and if you need some help with your blog
or would like to have a new look make sure to pop over and have a look
at her new business.


now to something else.
Now I really could need some help and I know there´s
some very talented people out there who probably
knows something about this
and it has nothing to do with my new blog
look - just making something clear her.
Some of you know I bought a new computer (with Windows7)
a few weeks ago and these last weeks have been
installing programs and programs and....
it seems that I suddenly have some problems
uploading photos and adding gadgets on my blog...
Nothing wrong on March 23th - today, nothing works
I´m doing this post on my laptop
if any of you clever people out there could please help
me out on this matter I would be so grateful
(my emails is just up in my profile)


and now I´m wishing you all
a wonderful spring day

Monday, 22 March 2010

Girl in The Nest

I´ve been in Easter mode this past week
so I have spend some time creating a little Easter decoration
actually it´s not only for Easter
it would look pretty all your round

I bought a papier mache eggs - you know
one of those with all the colors on meant to put little thing inside for the children.

painted it all cream and decorated the inside with old paper
some teadyed cheesecloth as a nest in the button
and an image of a sweet vintage spring girl

added a little twig too

and some old lace round the edge

my first thought was to add a twine so it could be hanged
from a branch - but changed my mind and wanted it to stand instead.

so I created a stand out of cardstock and old paper,
added a tiny nest on top
and clued the egg to the nest

and here it is
a sweet little spring decoration.
Wishing you all a wonderful day

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Egg Decorations

Remember the egg from a previous post?
I have finished to project
and here´s what they look like

a piece of tea dyed lace with a vintage button

more vintage buttons
and cream vintage ribbon

more lace, twine and an old rusty key

and a tiny doll on tea dyed cheeseclothes

This is how they look
displayed in my old glass centerpiece.
I´m quite happy with the result
what do you think?
Have a wonderful day

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Surprise Gift

A surprise gift arrived in the mail yesterday.
The most beautiful and romantic Pincushion you could ever imagine.

cream fabric with tiny lilac flowers,
pale pink fabric with white polkadots
beautiful lace and an old button on top

this beauty is created by my friend Ellen

Ellen is as VERY talented bear artist.
She make the most beautiful bears and other critters
make sure to pop over to her blog to have a look.
Ellen is also the creater behind the Teddy Tudor Blog -
a very popular blog where she shares the secrets of her bearmaking skills

Thank you so much Ellen
I absolutely adore my pincushion.
Wishing you all a lovely and creative sunday

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

On My Work Table

This is what it looks like on my working table right now.
We don´t have a big tradition of decorating for Easter
over here - at least not in my house we haven´t

but better late than never

I thought I would give it a try - creating something for Easter that is

so this is what I´ve been working on so far

eggs, vintage music sheets and lots of glue

this is to end up as some kind of decoration
just isn´t sure how it´s going to look like yet :D
I will definately show you when it´s finished
and I´m still playing with my new scanner
to pratice I have had fun creating a few Collage Sheet

this first one is a German Scrap Ark I bought a few years ago.
I think these sweet Vintage Flower Girls are so pretty

and one with my original ATC creations
wishing you all a lovely day

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cabinet Card for you

I finally bought a new computer yesterday - on time you might say
the old one died in September just the day before I was going to England
and since then I have been working on my laptop.
So - I have spend all weekend so far with setting up and installing
still some work to be done though.
A new printer with scanner is installed too - yeaahhh
I´m still to learn all the functions though
but here´s a sweet cabinet card from my personal collect
to you for use in your art work

I do hope this works
It´s my first scan...

Wishing you all a wonderful sunday


Friday, 5 March 2010

Creating with lace and rubber stamps

I actually needed something to use
to display with my bears at the show in London

so I gathered some of my tea dyed muslin
some vintage lace and some of my rubber stamps

and inspired by this beautiful post over at Lori´s place
I started creating fabric hearts

adding rubber stamps on the front

bits and pieces of vintage lace
a few pearls

and twine as hanger

I got a pretty little bunch of vintage inspired hearts
for my display
They looked very pretty displayed with my little ones.
Now the show is over and they will soon be available in my shop
Have a lovely creative weekend

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

CupCake Tutorial

Just a short note
to let you know that the Artist Class Tutorials
are up for individuel sale

If you would like to know
how to make these Cupcake Pincushions
the tutorial is for sale here



Monday, 1 March 2010

Back from London

I arrived home late last night after
a great weekend in London.
After checking in at the hotel early saturday I headed for the busstop
to go to the Porto Bello Marded as the first thing.
The weather was soooo bad with heavy rain
and there were sooo many people
but I managed to find some beautiful vintage lace at the marked

Sunday was Hugglets all day
and I had such a great and fun day.
It´s always so much fun to gather
with collectors and fellow bear makers

Here´s a few photos of some of my bears on my table

Not all bears found new homes on Sunday
so my website will be updated
with new bears later today
or tomorrow.
And I´ll be back at Hugglets
in September for more fun

Wishing you all a wonderful monday