Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Oh No

oh no...
now look what happened....
because I have been really busy in the bear factory
and because I haven´t been feeling quite myself lately
(I think my american friends calls this feeling blue)
I just realized I had 57 comments waiting to be modified

oh no...

I didn´t realize I wasn´t getting the email notifications
when someone commented on my blog....
I just though no one wanted to..

oh my...
do I feel bad....

I want to Thank all of you
for visiting and for commenting
and I do apologise for not getting back to you
- you most all think I´m very rude

I have been reading through all 57 comments and I love all of them

I so appreciate your visits and your comments
and to see all those comments today
have really made my day
and I PROMISE I won´t let this happen again
I HAVE been over to check the settings... :D

Wishing you all
a wonderful and joyful Christmas


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Merry Christmas

the view from my kitchen window these days

christmas stocking with bird, lace and silver glitter

some gold and pearls too
the tree is decorated
and the lights are on

and on my working table....
with these photos
I wish all of you
A Very Merry Christmas

Friday, 11 December 2009

More Christmas Joy

Sorry for the lack of post here lately
We don´t have much daylight in these days up here in the North :D
It´s getting very difficult to get enough light for the photoshootings.
Anyway - I have been working on bears since last time - little cute ones that is - unfornatelaly you´ll have to way a bit to see them, as they are meant for the 'Be My valentine Online Show' in february.
I will upload sneak peaks though - later....

and in between the bearmaking
I just couldn´t resist making more christmas stuff
as you can see, I´m still into the sepia and cream toned
~ yummi ~

latest creation is this old fashion Garland
with sweet vintage girls and a little bit of silver glitter

more ideas are popping in my head
so I´ll go and split my time
between christmas stuff and bearmaking
the next daysI´m hoping to get a bit more creations
listed in my shop this weekend

Lots of new jewelry have been listed too
To celebrate Christmas
I´m offering Free Shipping Worldwide
on all items in my TinyBearWear shop until January 1th
make sure to pop over to have a look

Back to work...

Wishing you all a wonderful and peacefull weekend


Saturday, 5 December 2009

New Little Ones

In between the Christmas Creations
I have been working on new bears too

These 4 inch little ones
is available for adoption on my website

Have a wonderful weekend


Friday, 4 December 2009

Old Fashion Christmas

Some old flashcards and playing cards arrived in my studio
about a weeks ago
and with a love for all things old
I decided to make it all into
sepia toned
old Fashion Christmas creations

using sweet old images
lost and found objects

lace and old buttons

and a little bit of silver glitter

also using some of my old
key holes found at flea markets
I just love these old fashion creations.
These sepia tones together with the softness
of the lace and the old photos
makes it all so cozy.
One is already on my wall in my studio
it´s going to hang there not only
for Christmas
but all year round
Wishing you all
a wonderful creative day