Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Lollishops Design Challenge

I know this post was to be posted tomorrow, but due to the timezones I wanted to make sure my post was out there in time - so here it is.

Remember the design Challenge for Lollishops and how I showed you those little pieces left on my working table.

This is what I have create from the kit that was send to me from Lollishops

a sweet gift tag with a lovely girl sticker and lots af ribbon as a dress

another gift tag with this beautiful brooch on top

in pink with orange polka dots and another girl sticker

remember I told you this was going to be a real challenge for me.

well - it was

I have never created anything in these colors before, but

I think the creation came out quite cute if I may say so myself - lol

a lovely banner in pink and blue decorated with ribbons and lace, a girl sticker, buttons
and hanging in a beautiful lilac seam binding.
My creations are available here.
Make sure to pop over to Lollishops Blog to see
the creations from the rest of the design team.
I sure you´re going to some amazing creations from this kit.
And check out the giveaway and the extra kits too.
This has been so much fun and I´m already looking forward to the next challenge.
Have a lovely day.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Back Home

I´m home again from a great show at Hugglets and a wonderful vacation in the UK.

After the show and a few days in London we went to Canterbury to stay for a week - to disscover the coast of Kent and surrounding.

We had such a great time.

this is me walking the White Cliffs of Dover.
We also got the chance to visit the secret tunnels used
during worldwar 2 built underneath the cliffs.
So very insteresting and highly recommended.

Canterbury Cathedral from the inside

and from the garden

I also got time for a bit shopping.
From the market on Portobello Road in London.

old lace - and a metal crown stamp (see picture above)

more old lace

and a beautiful pink dress with tulle and pearls.
I have NO idea when I´m going to wear it but it was sooooooo pretty.
I think it might look great with jeans - ha
So - now I´m trying to get my studio ready again after the mould attach.
It has been fixed during our vacation fortunately - phew.
and I´m really looking forward to start create - have lots of new ideas -
and a few new bears will be available soon too.
Have a lovely day.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Lollishops Design Team

Before I leave on vacation very early in the morning
I wanted to show you what I have been playing with.
This is the kit I got from Lollishops for the team challenge.
A lot of goodies - and a BIG challenge too.
For me that is - lol
If you have been reading this blog for a while you will notice that this kit
contains bits and pieces in colors that I not normally create with

I can´t show you the creations yet, as they are to be released on October 1th
but I CAN show what was left after I finished my pieces..
and yes I said pieces, becaurse I managed to make more than one

so this is how my table looked like after finishing the challenge
and if I may say so myself - the finished creations are sooooo cute.
So you´ll have to come back on October 1th to see them and make sure to visit Lollishops blog too to see the other team members creations.

I´m heading of to the UK tomorrow
for the Hugglets Show on Sunday
and for a long waited vacation.
I will be back on September 25th with lots of new ideas for new creations.
My blog post no. 200 is approaching, which means a giveaway so.
Stay tuned and have lovely september.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

An unexpected and NOT welcome visitor

This is how my studio looks like theese days
quite empty, huh...

it turned out we have mould in the end wall of our house
oh my....
not exactly what I needed at this time.
So in between preparing for the Hugglets show and our vacation in a week (we´re actually leaving on friday) we have to move everything away from the end wall which means the one side of my studio - do you have any idea how much stuff there were on those shelfs - our wardrope have to be emptied and our bedroom too.
So the clothes in boxes, everything in the cellar and then we have to sleep on our mattress in the livingroom - sign....

They will move in to repair this on thursday morning
and will work on this while we´re on vacation.
and don´t get me wrong - I´m so happy to have it fixed.
This is a very very unpleasent visitor.
I just didn´t needed the mess right now - lol
I did put a few thing aside so I´ll be able to work a bit too before we leave.
I needed to put a few pretty pictures in this post too

lots of tomatoes just picked in our garden
for a lovely tomato soup

and this beautiful flower.
I love the color on this - so soft

wishing you all a lovely sunday

Thursday, 3 September 2009

More Tags

As you can see I´m still addicted to tags.
Ideas keep popping in my head for new tags - so in between the bearmaking
I managed to make some more

These created with black crepe paper,
pieces from an old book (who could guess...)

and sweet Halloween Images

tea dyed tags with old paper - there it was again

and images from The Mad Hatter Tea Party
Great on a TEA dyed tag - don´t you think - lol

French inspired
with original crepe paper from the thirties

sewn together with the crepe paper in between

Beautiful French Inspired Tags
with cream seambinding added for the final look
Have a beautiful day.