Friday, 27 February 2009

Surprise mail

I was so surprised when I got home from work today, to find a parcel in my mail from Kathy at Catnip Studio. Kathy won my blog giveaway a few weeks ago, and in return she have send me the most lovely fabric in creme with embroidered blue flowers and some of her beautiful tags.

I know exactly what I´m going to create from that fabric. An idea pop up in my head the moment I saw it. Won´t tell you though - you´ll have wait :o)

and look at these beautiful tags with the most wonderful flower border on top. I just love them. Too beautiful to use - I´ll have to keep them all for my self :o).
Kathy makes the most beautiful tags, and eggs, and jewelry and .....
Make sure to visit her shops here and here to see her lovely creations.

Have a great day

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Bears

Two little bears are just finished. This first one is Heather.
Just 3 inch and so sweet with her little brown collar around her neck.
She is only my second panda - and I really enjoy creating her.
Definately going to make more pandas. I love the way to combine the colors.

The second little one is called Peppermint. He is made of the most lovely aqua blue/green short pile mohair, just arrived in my studio.

He is 3.4 inch and is wearing a piece of brown seambinding around his neck.

Both bears are now available through my website.
Please feel free to have a look.

Have a great day

Sunday, 22 February 2009

A new project

Not that I needed a new project - I just had to :D
This is my very first attemp into jewelry making.

Earrings with Leaves

Sold - thank you

Some time ago I stumpled upon those beautiful leaves in a jewelry supply shop in Copenhagen. I just had to buy them. I bought a few more items and brough them home to my studio where they have been stored until now.

Earrings with Shoes

Sold - thank you

I have been wanting to try some jewelry making for some time now. After I found another jewelry supply shop on the internet I just had to order some of those lovely items they had for sale. Shoes and crowns arrived in the studio a few weeks ago...

Earrings with Crowns

These earrings are the result of my work this past saturday. As these are my very first ones I`ll offer them for a special price of USD 24.- incl shipping worldwide here on my blog.

If you would like to purchase a pair, just send me an email.

Have a lovely sunday

ps: I finally got my connection back - phew :o)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

OH NO - not again

oh no - I just hate this.
I got home from work yesterday and turned on my computer to check emails as I always do - and then - no connection!!!!! what...
Okay - I restarted the computer, booted the modem - just nothing. Got on the phone to support, and they couldn´t find out what was wrong eighter. They checked my line several times just to tell me, they had to send me to another support group, who would send me an message on my cell phone when they had solved the problem. And today - still nothing. Now they tell me they just have to fix it friday as the latest - aarrgggg...

So now I´m using my laptop. Fortenately I had bought a wireless connection some time ago just in case this should happen, so I CAN check my emails - phew.

I can´t update my website though - and I had to mark a little bear reserved. Lullaby got spoken for this morning :o)

The internet is my lifeline - I hate to not be able to be out there in 'space' . Huurraaay for wireless connections.
Any of you have it like this....

Have a great day.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Website update

The 'Be My Valentines' online show is now over and I have got a good nights sleep after being up for 24 hours. The show was a great success and a lot of bears found new homes.
I have only two bears left from the show - they are now listed on my website.

Sold - thank you

The first one is Sweet Lily. A little sweetheart made of a lovely cremy long pile mohair. She has the sweetest little ribbon in pink and black around her head.

Sold - thank you
The second bear is this little one sitting in her very own box. She´s called Bohemian Lullaby and are dressed in old lace and tulle. Her box is an old cigarbox decorated with old paper, paper lace, a little button picture, and old key - everything made to make her feel at home in her little box.

If you would like to find out more about these two little ones, click here to visit my website -
They would love a visit.

Have a lovely sunday.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Show Update

The time is approaching for the first online show in 2009.
The 'Be my Valentine Show'
February 14th

I´ll have 6 bears available at this show.
The show will be open for 24 hours so I have planned to stay close to my computer
during the opening hours.
Or at least as much as I can - I´ll probably have to sleep just a bit in between.

This is the time zones for the show:

Friday 13th February

United States - Los Angeles 2 pm - Washington 5 pm
United Kingdom- London 10 pm
Italy - Rome 11 pm
South Africa - Capetown Midnight

Saturday 14th February
Russia - Moscow 1 am
China - Beijing 6 am
Australia - Sydney Melbourne 8 am

I have had so much fun creating these little sweethearts for the show.
The show will be filled with creations from the best artists throughout the world.
I hope you´ll enjoy the show.
I know I will :o)


Friday, 6 February 2009

And the winner is...

And the winner of my fabric heart with vintage buttons is.......

Kathy - Catnip Studio
Congratulations Kathy

Please send me your adress so I can send my heart your way.

I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway.
This has been so much fun - I´ll definately going to have more giveaways.

I also want to thank all of my lovely friends who have send the best wishes in this last week when I was down with the flu. I´m finally feeling better, and will be back to work on the bears the weekend.
Your comments means SO much to me.

Have a lovely friday.
Many hugs, Tina

Thursday, 5 February 2009

There´s still time...

to win.
Comment on this post to enter the draw of this heart.
I will draw the winner tomorrow February 6th.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Down with the Flu

OOhhh no - I have been down with the flu for 5 days now. Thing are beginning to feel a tiny bit better, but I´m still in bed most of the time surrounded by tissue paper ...
Haven´t been able to work on the bears, and this isn´t good, as I have several shows coming up very soon.
This little fellow have been on my working table for several days now...

The bears for the first upcoming show - Be My Valentines Online on Feb. 14th are all finished and ready to find new homes.
The bears for the Sydney Teddy bear Fair and for The Bear Paths Online show (both shows are in march) are in progress. They all have to be shipped in two weeks to make it for the shows.

All are being stored in different boxes for different shows. I have a full show schedule for this year, so it´s going to be very busy. So you see - I don´t have time for this flu... aarrgg

I know at lot out there is waiting patiently for new bears - I promise, as soon as I can I´ll work on more. I cross my fingers for the flu to disapear real soon.
And now - back to bed.