Saturday, 16 August 2008

Flea Market Finds

Last week we took a trip to the countryside - the weather was beautiful, and we wanted to have a day away from home and just relax.

On the way we visited a big lokal flea market. This flea market is open every saturday during the summer month, and this is the place to visit for great finds. I knew it was there when I suggested that we took a trip to the countryside :o).

This is what I found this time:

An old photo book with lots of vintage photos.

More vintage photos. Haven´t planned what to use them for yet. Maybe cards or in my ATCs.

And a bunch of old wachtes. Aren´t they just great. I will definately use some of the smallest ones for my bears. The bigger ones - I don´t know yet. Maybe l´ll pull them apart and use the pieces for jewellery or something like that.

Oh - and I AM working on those bears for Huggglets. Hope to show you some very soon.

Have a lovely weekend.