Friday, 9 May 2008

A secret passion

Here it comes. I have to make a confession:


Especialy the ones I can´t get in Denmark. All sorts of craft magazines and teddy bear magazines. All those with christmas decoration ideas and stuff. And all the magazines from Stampington. I just love those. What a pleasure every time the postman brings a new magazin , to sit down with a cup of coffee and look at all those fantactic pictures and all those lovely ideas that I don´t have the time to create myself. And I love to get inspired - wow

When I read about exciting magazines I didn´t knew about, I just have to find out more and to see if I can get a couple of copies or sometimes a subscribtion.

Now I´m running out of space for new magazines. I don´t throu them away you know. In case I have to read them again which happens all the time. Well - sometimes I do sell some. I use to bring some of the oldest with me to sell at Teddy Bears Fairs.

Okay - so now I have unveiled myself - now it´s your turn :o) What is your secret passion.
Many beary hugs, Tina