Monday, 11 June 2007

Back from holiday

I´m just back from vacation - 14 days traveling around in Croatia. We went early this year to avoid the heat. And the first week there were +30 degrees - oh no :-)
But it was a lovely trip with national parks, sayling, walks and good food.
Now I´m back to bearmaking. The B.A.O. online show is near, and I´m very excited. It´s going to be my first online show.
I do hope someone notice my bears amongst all those fantastic artists partitipating. If you have the time, please visit. The show will be open for 24 hours on June 30th.
I´m also going to work one the bears for my bearmaking class in september. I have 16 persons waiting for the class already. It´s going to be so much fun - as always.
Enough for now - see you.