Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fighting the Blues and some Art Journaling

I told you I was back
and so I though
didn´t calculate the winter blues.

it normally sets in when december is approaching
and normally I´ll start feeling better after christmas
and so I thought this year too
only I wasn´t
this year was worser

I´ve been taken one day at a time
ordinated myself some
d-vitamin and some exercise
thing are much better

I haven´t finished the blues story piece I showed you last time.
Instead I signed up for some art journal classes
to get some new inspiration

treated myself with some new suppliers
and started on the workshop ByBun

I love the style she have.
here's a closeup of the work in progress

adding details

I really like the idea with the layers and the doodling

here the final spread
my first

If there's still some here
I wish you a beautiful sunday



oldgreymareprimitives said...

I like this work very much Tina. Spring is coming..hold on <3

Lynn Holland said...

When I was at college I always enjoyed working on a black background and building up colour on to it. This work is great Tina.
Not long now and we will all be coming out the other side of the winter blues
Lynn x

Stacey Vadaj said...

the doodling is great over the top. i definitely see the ByBun influence.

Caterina Giglio said...

darling doodles! and my friend, the VD3 and exercise will help immensely!! x

Leslie said...

Her work and the workshop are both very cool, aren't they? I made several spreads and plan to do more. Yours came out great. Love the small old photo of the girl.

Pamela Gerard said...

Excellent pages -- hipe spring has come and the blues are banished!