Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Vacation, snails and a sketch

I´ve been away on a little vacation
We spend a week in the new old house.
The weather was perfect.

Trying to get hold of the garden.
The weeds had taken over during the last few years.

doing my best
and learning

see these little sprouds...
they were my pretty newly planted dahlias
uh oh

the snails are eating it all

fighting back though.
I emptied all my jars and plastic containers to put over 
those little sprouds to let them grow a bit.
ordered some anti snail stuff ( it only harms the snails - I promise)
and hopefully it´ll do it's trick.

it´s already looking better.
Hopefully I´ll be able to show some pretty
dahlias during summer.

the peonies are blooming though

and so were the poppies

I managed to make a little sketch before
 they were gone.

I spend most of the time fighting the weeds
but managed to make some icads in between too.

I´ll show you some next time.

Tina ♥♥♥


Wanda said...

I live in Germany and the slugs got my dahlias. I was outside hand picking those suckers off my plants. :( I hope your flowers come back. :)

Kelly Deal said...

The peonies and poppies are beautiful! Tina, your sketch is lovely too!