Saturday, 24 January 2015

The First Textile Pieces

remember the cloth pieces I prepared
before my break?

I showed you the beginning here
Now I have them finished
The first ones

I sewed on the word 'Elements' on this piece
my second piece ever
I worked with different tecniques on this
learned something about the thickness of layers
some parts were really hard to stitch through
I like it though

and this one
with circles on it
that turned out like jellyfish and shells

the beginning of new little pieces

left piece finished with a Jellyfish

I´ve also been working on a new shop.
This is for my collages and textile art

This shop is not to replace my Etsy Shop
It´s an experiment
We´ll see if it will work out.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend

Tina ♥♥♥


Jillayne said...

Wonderful pieces Tina - your textile art is so beautiful... You have such an eye for detail. I hope your experiment is a great success!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

Love these Tina. They are each petite works of art!