Thursday, 23 May 2013

May - so far....

as for May

as we got home from the Sweden trip,
Hubby went down with bronchitis.
in the meantime the beech finally bursts into leaf

the homemade tomato plants were growing in 
the window sill while waiting for warmer weather
before they could go into the greenhouse

I managed to work a little bit in
my Venice travel Journal

here´s a peek into a few pages

we´re finally getting a bit warmer weather over
here and the porch is filling up with 
homemade herbs

and then I went down with a cold
and still am.
We were suppose to go on open art days
with our friends in the Withsun weekend
so I dooped myself with medication to be able to go.
Hubby wasn´t sure it would be good for me.
but who cares
I knew we were going to start the weekend with my favorite
flea market and I didn´t want to miss it for anything
just call me crazy....

Here´s what I found

2 vintage photo albums in good condition.
They really are rare over here
so I was quite lucky

both filled with cabinet and CDV cards
how cool was that.

I´m sharing some in my shop

and a bunch of lovely bird embroideries

I think they are so pretty.
Would look perfect framed on the wall.
I might use some for journal covers
How about that...

home again after the weekend
and nursing my cold still

it´ll get better soon
I hope

Have a wonderful day my friends

Tina ♥♥♥


Ik ben Esther said...

Ooo wauw what a good find you did!!
I never found so much beautifullness in a fleamarket.
You were in deed very Lucky and I can imagine you didn't want to miss out!!
I hope you get well soon!!
Love from still cold Holland,

nélinha said...

I love so much your old photos!!!
French kiss

Photocat said...

What amazing albums you found. And those photographs and embroideries: you found a treasure!
Good luck with it and I am sure that they will soon be transformed into one of your masterpieces.