Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Back from Sweden with lots of finds

I´m back from a wonderful weekend getaway
in Sweden. Sunny and warm.
Good company with friends and lots
of flea markets.
What more could you ever wish for.

This is the little cottage we stay in. Our friends cottage in 
the little town Lindshammar, just across the border to Småland.

I was aiming for some flea markets 
and did find a few.
This place is an old farm with stuff in 5 buildings.
I have been here before - it´s a good place
even though the prices had gone up since last time

I didn´t manage to take photo the other place.
One was a little flea in a garage at an old ladies house

and one was in the middle of nowhere, in the forest.
A really strange place with a really strange owner.
Lets just say, I was happy we were 4 of us - lol

I had never ever seen anything like that, but digging in,
I found some really great stuff.

I´m going to show you my finds
from this trip.
I´m really  really pleased 

lots of old magasines from the forties.
Aren´t those front pages cute.

some old cashier books and a well worn album

two old photo albums - leather ones.

one is filled with old swedish postcards

some pretty teacups for the bears

silverware and vintage tins

a bunch of vintage letters with pretty writing.

a box with lots of vintage pen nibs

pretty vintage linen

and a bag full of vintage curtain clips.

I´m very happy - can you tell :-)

A lot of this will go in the shop
so if you´re interested, keep an eye out.
As soon as the weather will allow
I´ll take photos and list.

I hope you´ll
all have a beautiful day
my friends

Tina ♥♥♥


ingridp said...

Tina, I cannot believe you found those old albums!!!
I have never seen them in Sweden!!!! I have to open my eyes better. It seems like a gold mine you ran into. Well done.

Di said...

You did very good on your Sweden trip, I am sure the bears are going to love all your treasures.

Lisa said...

What a great trip. I am dreaming of a trip to Germany & Denmark. I am thinking when I go I want to go in the winter time to see the villages with snow. But then I'd miss the wonderful flea markets. The letters with the pretty writing are my favorites. It's good to catch up with you.