Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Venice and That Book Shop

I´m back home
from a wonderful trip to Venice, Italy

We arrived on a rainy day
but that didn´t really mattter.
Everything is SO beautiful in Venice.

here´s the view from our window at the hotel.

The next day was sunny and warm
and we started to stroll the city 

I wanted to show you my visit to THAT bookshop
on the first day.
Those of you, who have taken the 'Ticket to Venice' class with MAM
know which one I´m talking about

The most beautiful book shop in venice
That´s what the sign says.

there were so much stuff to look at.

sorry for the blur on this pic., but I had
to show you the gondola and the decoration inside the shop.

it - is - so - fab.....

books everywhere

even a staircase made of books.
If you climb up here, there´s a 
wonderful view to the canal behind the shop.

I didn´t had time to go through all the books
Would have loved that though.
Bought a few cards for memories
and my travel journal.

Venice Part 1
more to come....


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Miss Venice
but Happy to be back..

Have a beautiful day my friends

Tina ♥♥♥


Luna und Luzie said...

Wow, I was several times in Venice, but never found this bookstore.
Thank you for showing!
Glad you had a good time in Venice

Happy mayday!


Alisa Noble said...

Now that I've seen this shop twice, I may need to book a trip to Venice just to go here.

Can't wait to see the rest of your trip.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Welcome back Tina!
Oh what a beautiful view out of your hotel window! That book shop looks great too, I'm intrigued!
So have you been to "Il Papiro" too?
Looking forward to your next posts about that awesome fairytale like city.
xoxo~ Carola

oldgreymare said...

I could lose myself in that shop for days. Glorious!

Gail Thayer said...

Wow, what a fun bookshop! I'd be lost in there for days!
Thanks for sharing it and enjoy the rest of your blissful holiday.........;)

Leanne said...

welcome back! So glad you got to this bookshop ... and your hotel? would you recommend it?

morkaren said...

Tak Tina, for dejlige Venedig billeder, sjovt med redningskransen på døren. knus morkaren.

the paper addiction said...

Oh how wonderful - I would love to go there. I have never been to Venice except on the MAM course,but I dream of it. thansk for sharing your trip xx Michelle