Saturday, 23 March 2013

Who can ever have enough

of old photo albums I mean.
well - I do know one person in this house who thinks
I already have enough - but I´m not so sure about that.

I came across these old red albums.
They are from the old eastern europe - I actually think
they´re quite cool

Two of them have decorative images on the front cover.

the bright red one is velvet

they have THE most awesome colored pages inside.
Look at these cool pages.
I´m going to use these in my journal - ofcourse.
Two of the albums is bound with a piece of ribbon,
so the pages are very easily removed from the cover.

and with lots of vintage black and white photos inside.
I removed them all, to clear the pages.

I think I´m going to use some of these cool photos
as tabs and flaps in the journals

there ar tons though
so I have plenty to share.
I´ll go and list some in the shop later.

The only photo with color was this reddish one.
Isn´t she just cute.

on another note

it´s mid march
and we got a snow storm again.
The show is pile high over here
longing for some spring soon.

Have a beautiful day everyone
and thank you ever so much for visiting.

Tina ♥♥♥


morkaren said...

Hold op hvor er du heldig Tina, jeg ved at min Max ville også sige: hvad vil du dog med det gamle skidt. men der er så meget mænd ikke forstår, jeg er vild med dit fund, og den lille pige i brunlige farver er jeg sikker på har brune æjne. knus og tak for kikket morkaren.

Gail Thayer said...

Those albums are just lovely, and I especially love those faded colored pages......I just know you'll make something beautiful from those!
Hope you get some flowers and some sunshine soon!

Beth Leintz said...

I'm excited to see what you do with your albums and the photos.

We're watching the snow come down, too. Stay warm, keep creating!

kliaksa said...

Hi, Tina,
you are right - the albooms come from former Soviet Union, I guess late 50-ties, and one of the pictures has mark - Vilnius, 1961 - the pictuer of class mates with their teacher. Congratulation - great found!

ingridp said...

Jag har inte en enda :(
Hur bär du dig åt. Kan du sätta upp en i shopen?
Snälla säg till mig i så fall