Friday, 29 March 2013

First Finds

The Flea market season er about to start over here.
Not really until after Easter, but I have been keeping en eye out
and managed to find two small ones in the nieghbourhood.

I try to find those related to scouts or charity.
That´s where it´s possible to find great and cheap stuff.

Here´s what I found the first place I went.

A beautiful silver platter.
I´m going to keep that one
and use it for display

and would you believe this
A hole bunch of flower frogs.
I have been hunting those for years and have only found a few until now.
I got 6 of them for almost nothing.
The hardest is to keep the facial expression
and not break into a huge smile when he
mentioned the price - oh boy :-)

and then a bunch of vintage candler clip holders.
I´ve saved some for me this time.
I´m going to use them on each plate at Christmas
Place a napkin with a ribbon around and then the candle holder 
on top with a little candle  - that is going to be so pretty.
I got a lot though - so some of these have been listed in
the SHOP in set of four, in case someone wanted some
for christmas too or as a pretty decoration all year.

The next flea market was quite okay too
I got these cool vintage games.
I´m sure the exhibitor was thiking what on earth I was 
going to use these for - cheap they were - very :-) :-)

inside the one with the colors were these number cards.
At first I had planned to list them in the shop too
but after a second thought I think they would be very
cool date tabs for my upcoming travel journals
What do you think?

The black and white box contained these
very cool black and white drawing cards
Haven´t decided about these yet, but think they would
make great tabs too - I might list some of these 

some old ephemera.
I don´t find something like this very often over here.

and then there were this awesome vintage atlas.
It´s huge and the cover is torn and in pieces
but look at those leather strips for closure

and inside it´s filled with the most wonderful old maps
from all over the world.
I´m going to use some of these in my journals too.

as soon as we have some prober daylight over here
I´ll take photos and share some in the shop.
They are big sheet thought, so I´ll 
have to bend when shipping.

That was a pretty great start
don´t you think :-)

Wishing you all

A Very Happy Easter

and thank you so much for popping in

Tina ♥♥♥


Boxwood Cottage said...

OMG Tina I would have gasped for air like a fish on land with my excited heart jumping up and down in my chest seeing the wire flower frogs and then for a bargain price too I would have got shaky hands handing out the money. How cool is that and how lucky you are!
I send you very Happy Easter wishes my friend!
We're having a white one here *rolls eyes*
xoxo~ Carola

oldgreymare said...

SCORE! whoa! you go girl <3

Gail Thayer said...

Tina! Great finds for you, I too would have snapped up each and every item that you did.......:).
I'm collecting those little candle clips as well, I'm totally smitten with them for some reason.
I love to use them around my home to decorate with, clipping one to a lampshade with a cool old postcard underneath.
I love your Christmas idea too, hope you don't mind if I copy!

Have fun!

Sandra Kaye said...

SCORE is right!!!!! You did my friend!!!! I sooo need to get on a plane and come see you for the season :):) LOLOLOLOL!!!! So, when you are out..think....2 for me..1 for Sandie...2 for me ..1 for Sandie!!! That sounds like a great plan to me!!!! giggle...LOLOLOL...hehe:):):) Enjoy your flea market season:):) hugs-S

KittyAnnArt said...

Oh my! Such wonderful items you came by, treasures! I use to go to the markets quite regularly when I lived in a larger city, where I live now no fleas, just junky garage sales. I may find myself lured into the journaling world if I don't watch out, your creations 'make' me want to dive in! :) Best, Ani in NC

morkaren said...

Hvor er det dejligt at loppemarkederne er ved at komme "ud af posen" jeg glæder mig også til når vi er i sommerhuset der er der fine mugligheder for at finde "gode ting og sager" knus morkaren.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh my goodness! you found some beautiful tresors there mon amie!! i can't wait for spring to "officially" arrive here on the east coast so that i can start going to my favorite sunday flea!! ;) happy easter!

the paper addiction said...

wow - what a score. Lucky you, slim pickings in my town as well, so I can imagine the smile that exploded after your purchases!! have fun xx Michelle

Nook and Cranny said...

Love all of your flea market finds. I specially love the vintage cards.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Easter

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello dear Tina, You've been so lucky to find so many flower frogs at once. I bet you smiled the whole way back home. Your other finds are wonderful too.
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Great finds,dear Tina.
Happy Easter to you and your family.