Saturday, 1 September 2012

No Pretty Photos

in this post..
chaos is taking over here
This is how it looked like in my studio
when I got up this morning.
piles of mags. arrived and ready to be read.

stashes of stuff for journaling

a bunch of spines pulled out for an order to be finished

red velvet fabric for an upcoming christmas project.

laces, needed to be sorted and listed

one little one ready for the fair
(if I can bear to part with it)

another one in the making.
I spend the day trying to organize.
Only one week to go before
I leave for the bear fair in London
and a little vacation too

practicing on the display
Today is the first day in fall
I LOVE fall
my favorite time of year.
Soon it´ll be time for boots and sweaters - yeahh :-)
 I also want to say a big
for the support of my Flea market Section.
It´s off to a great start
I cannot be more happy.
Now there an extra occation
to fleaing - yeahhh for that too :-)
Wishing you all a wonderful
first day of fall
Tina ♥♥♥


Lululiz said...

How could you possibly part with that sweet little creature? Is he sitting in an antique watch case? Can't quite tell. Oh he is so precious.

oldgreymare said...

that last ones face...OMG! "can you help me please?"
"take me home" that face will haunt me lol
Have a safe and wonderful trip my friend <3


Anonymous said...

I can see why it will be hard to part with him. He is adorable and tucked inside the case makes him even sweeter.

xo, abby

Rhonda said...

I woke up to a studio of mess, too!
I am still organizing but loving this day. We are celebrating a three day weekend, Labor Day Holiday. I need three days off in a row...I really do.

I do love your mess, though. Lovely supplies to go through.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ani said...

All creatives are messy! That's just the way we are so it's ok! =0) Found you through Pinterest, love your bears, so dear! I'd love to come to the bear fair but alas live waaaay across the pond. Sad sad. Perhaps you will have a few to sell after the fair? I'm wishing very very hard!

Claudia said...

I like these real-life posts! I suspect most of us have creative spaces that are not tidy!


Sandy said...

Your studio looks like a busy happy place to be right now, lots of fun reads with visual inspiration, lots of projects, lots of lace, and what is not to love about tiny bears being born!

Alisa Noble said...

Tina, you should see the mess in my studio... I don't know how I do anything in there!