Sunday, 26 August 2012

A {sunday} trip

we went on a trip today
The weather was perfect for this kind of stuff
overshadowed and not too warm.
I knew of this place but hadn´t been able
to visit before. I believe all the good stuff were gone.
Today was last day.
This place sells props from the old Danish Film
Company 'Nordisk Film'
This is how it looked like when entering the barn
photo taken with Instagram
I were able to find some good stuff though

here´s a overlook.
Let´s have closer look of things.
A piece of old red velvet fabric
and some pretty rolls of vintage wallpaper

a bunch of small tablecloth, doilies, lace pieces,
curtain pieces, embroidered hangkerchiefs.
and a huge bunch of ephemera

I think these are blank signatures
yellowed by age
Perfect for journals

and a huge ledger book

That´s a pretty good score
if I may say so.
I´ve been really lucky these last times
I´ve been fleaing.
Running out of space am I...
I´ve been thinking of opening
a flea market section in my shop
to share my finds
What do you think?
Would that be of any interest?
Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful sunday.
Tina ♥♥♥


A bird in the hand said...

A wealth of finds! YES, to the flea market section to you Etsy shop.

morkaren said...

Ja, Tina, det siger jeg ja til, når man som mig ikke er så mobil længere ville det være skønt at kunne gå på loppemarked på nettet. knus morkaren.
især blonderne er jeg meget interesserende i.

Vintage Market Place said...

Omg tina. People would love to shop your vintage finds!
You found amazing stuff what a flea!
Looks like you found enough stuff to keep you busy for a loooong time :)

babyjane said...

What a treasure trove of vintage goodness you landed! Sure wish I could have been with you on that expedition! I never seem to run across any sources so rich. Everything in my area is usually picked over. Have a delightful time putting all these "finds" to good use. I know you'll work your magic!


Lululiz said...

Once again, brilliant finds. You really have been a lucky girl lately. And most definitely YES in answer to your question!

Joolz said...

Oh what great finds even if you were late!

Gail Thayer said...

Gorgeous finds, and I agree that for you to have a flea market section in your Etsy would be a win-win!!

Beth Leintz said...

Wow what a great shopping day! A little bit of everything-all great for your art.

And yes I think you should add supplies to your shop, you have great stuff.

Bunty said...

Gorgeous finds Tina! I think a flea market section would be great! Have fun with your goodies .


Claudia said...

You did really well, Tina! I would love to look through old movie props!