Monday, 7 May 2012

A Book and A bear

I went back to my Full Tilt Boogie project
and made myself a new journal

I still haven´t used the first one I made
but I do love making these journals

I made this one a little different.
Here´s the spine

I can´t find any of the celluloid photo albums over here
so I still use old book covers
So far it works well I think

I´m very pleased with this one.
I haven´t decided if I´m actually going to journal in them.
I might put the first up in the shop.

I´m working on new bears too
and have just finished this little fellow.
He´s made from a vintage mohair in a lovely old green color
3.5 inch is he - I called him Lawrence

anothe one is in the making

I think he´s going to be cute too :-)

Wishing you all a beautiful spring day

Tina ♥♥♥


Sandy said...


The book is beautiful!

Love the bear too, I have a cat named Lawrence!

Vintage Market Place said...

You are so talented Tina.
That bear is just tooo adorable.
Your book is amazing looking.
I just love the use of the cookbook cover.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Tina..The journal is stunning, I love the binding you made. Nice job!

Aww little Lawrence is a cutie pie!!
My oldest sons middle name is Lawrence.

Love and hugs,


Lynn said...

Ohhhh was a sweet bear, but then all of your tiny bears are so sweet. Love your book too. You must be playing in your studio a lot Tina :)

Gail Thayer said...

Nothing is prettier than an old book cover! Yours is lovely, as is your adorable bear!!

Paula said...

Hello sweet Tina! Your journal is gorgeous!!! I love the old book cover and the beautiful vintage embroidery! You are so creative! Your teddy bear is adorable! I love his green fur! You know how I love your bears!!! The one in the making looks so sweet! I love his face too! He is going to be cute!!! I hope you have a beautiful day too! xo~Paula

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Tina, I love your beautiful journal, so lovely and Lawrence, OMG, he is just the sweetest! love his color and the worn look, so cute. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

heibeni-bären said...

Hi Tina,
I'm new here and I'm very delighted about your lovely bears :)
I send you many bear hugs from germany
Perhaps you would have a look on my blog, I'm a miniature bear artist from germany :)

O meu pensamento viaja said...

Such a sweet post!Love your blog!
Shall we become followers?
If so, leave your link in my comments bos so that I can follow you back.

Lana said...

Oh Tina! I love that you used an old book for the cover! Someday I'll try to make one for myself... I've never made a journal before.

Yours bears are so adorable!

Lisa said...

I love your sweet bears. They are so beautiful. I'm seeing these full tilt boogie journals a lot & they are really cool. I bought her first tutorial & paid a fortune for it. Just wondering if this new one is worth it. Email me your addy & I'll send you a celluloid cover. I have a few & will never use them all.

Belladonna said...

Some sweet bears are certainly worth mentioning in your new wonderful journal :)