Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Flea Market Season is Open

The flea market season is finally opened over here
long awaited...

and I had the time to go today.
It´s still early in the season and there´s not fully booked
due to the still cold and rainy weather over here
but I did manage to find a few goodies

and old wooden box
all filled with old recipe cards

think they can be of good use in upcoming projects.

a few doilies and a pretty old collar

and this beautiful rhinestone necklace.

Can´t decide if I should split it and use it
in my creations or wear it instead.
What do you think?

Wishing you all a beautiful sunday

Tina ♥♥♥


suziqu's thread works said...

Well Tina you did really score a few lovely items with that wooden box and card recipes, doilies, lovely pintucked collar and rhinestone necklace.
It is always heard to know whether to take apart of leave it for wearing. I tend to leave unless I really need a piece that is just right and then I take apart.
Have a lovely Sunday!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Great finds,Tina.I would have a hard time taking the necklace apart
unless it is broken:)
Have a lovely Sunday.

Lisa said...

Well Tina, your off to a good start! Those are some good treasures you found.
I just caught up on what I've missed & wow, I missed a lot! The party you hosted looked wonderful! I love the special creative touches on each table. I know it was a success. And your hearts, love them. I try to make hearts but I always have trouble at the top. I clip close and when I turn it back out it's all puckered. There must be a trick.

Alisa said...

Pretty, pretty!
I'm a firm believer that a girl can never have too many doilies. (And I think the collar looks like a flower.)

Leanne said...

Yeah, I'd hang onto the necklace in one piece until you found the perfect way to use it. I was stuck on a similar vein with a pretty blue hat I bought, whether to gut it for flowers or display it -- the advice i got was to display it until the right project came along.

Kathy said...

I wish I had been walking along with you at that market! got some pretty special finds there...all lovely. Enjoy creating with them.

Gail said...

Oh Tina,
The possibilities for all those beautiful things!!!! You did good......;).
Those decisions are just the best kind, aren't they?
Take care!

Rhonda said...

Amazing, Tina, simply amazing. Do you know how long it's been since I've shopped for vintage finds...too long.

Your finds are beautiful. xo Rhonda

Blessed Serendipity said...

Hi Tina,
I love all your treasures. I would wear the necklace. Those recipe cards are wonderful too with the hand written cards. When I find things like that I feel I owe it to the original owner to make at least one thing from that file. I hope you have many more days this spring and summer to go to the flea market and find some more goodies.


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

How fun! Our flea market opens this coming Saturday. I just can't wait. It seems like it's been such a long winter. Looks like you found some fun things. Good for you. ; )

The Feathered Nest said...

Such yummy, wonderful finds sweet Tina!!! Don't you just love finding wonderful treasures?!! You make me want to go junkin' sweet friend...I'm sure these treasures will be transformed into something amazing! Sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Marianne@Songbird said...

All wonderful finds, but that box with the recipe cards! Wow! The box allone, the recipe cards allone, but to have them both together. Awesome find. Have fun with it.
(flea market season has kicked off here too. Talk about cold and wet!)

Miss Gracie's House said...

Great treasures...we are just getting started here, too. YAY!

Lynn said...

Hi Tina, thank you so much for visiting. I can imagine how happy you are to get to visit the flea markets, you already have some beautiful things. Love the pretty lace collar :)

time worn interiors said...

The region of Germany I was in, had Flea Markets all winter long! I would go out there and freeze my bootie off!


Caterina Giglio said...

lovely treasures, and I know you will find good use for them.. enjoy...

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh no it would be such a pity to split this gorgeous rhinestone necklace. It would be perfect around a vintage dressforms neck.
Yeah outdoor flea market season has started here too, can't wait for my first one. Last Sunday it was raining too much, let's see if this one will be better.