Thursday, 19 January 2012

Do you have trouble commenting on blogger?

Hi All

Though I would pop in and make a little
post about blogger and comments.

Recently I have experiented some trouble commenting on
some of the blogs I follow, and I can see posts in blogland
that others have the same problem.
So if you have experiented this too or if you have received emails
about people can´t leave a comment on your blog
all I can say is

this is a know problem at Blogger

the only thing we don´t know is

when will they fix it

here goes:

if you have your comment settings set to be embedded
in your posts, people using IE or Firefox
will have some trouble leaving comments on the post.
Safari works fine though.

To solve this, the only thing you have to do,
is to set your comment settings as a pop up box
that should do the trick.

Hope you finds this helpful


no post without a photo

here´s a sunflower
while we wait for spring.

Have a wonderful day

Tina ♥♥♥


Dorthe said...

Hi Tina, --I have had many troubles commenting also- BUT after changing to FIREFOX I don`t have any problems at all- it only goes with IE- and if the comment is embetted in the blogpost------so lets hope that the blogging comunity find out to choose the Pop up box and not the embedded one.
Hope you are feeling better.
Hugs Dorthe

Micki said...

I haven't had a problem leaving comments. The problem I am having is when I click on some blogs to read a post, I get nothing but a blank white page. I know it is blogger because that is all the flag at the top of my screen says.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh thank you Tina for posting about this issue.

It's been very frustrating to find a lovely blog and then not being able to leave a comment.

A few days ago I spent some time on Blogger help line and learnt about changing to 'pop up' comments too!


Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

Hey thanks for this...I went in and changed my settings to a pop up window. Cheers, Susan

suziqu's thread works said...

Thanks Tina for that very helpful tip.

I have just changed my setting now so we shall see. I was even having trouble posting any images so changed to Google Chrome and now it is fine!

Love your studio layout now - looks so fresh and inviting.
Also your little blue bear is so gorgeous - I'm just not quite sure how you could ever part with him!

Big hugs and thanks for your help,

~THEA~ said...

Hello Tina,

Yes indeed, here in the Netherlands we have the same problems.

I also have recommended my blog friends to repair their popup window.

I hope it's not going to long, I find it so difficult!

Love Thea ♥

Lana said...

Thanks for the tip, Tina!

Your blog is always a joy to visit. It's full of beauty and nostalgia. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tips and especially for the flower.



Lynn said...

Thanks for the tips Tina, I have mine set up as a pop up box and it seems ok. I also seem to be able to comment using Safari.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Tina,

I do not think I am having this problem on my blog but then you never know!
I think Dorthe at one time said she could not leave a message. I will ask her if she still is! Thank you for the recommendations in how to fix the problem!

I just wanted to come by and say hello to has been awhile since my last visit.

I love the sunflower picture you posted. Are you having much snow this winter??
We have had very cold temperatures here in Georgia but no snow!! :)

Hugs and Smiles,


Anonymous said...

Tina, you know the saying about how we can send a man to the moon..but...

Cranky Old Mr. Blogger is at it again! :-(

Hope all is fixed.

XO Diane

Anonymous said...

PS: Speaking of IE as opposed to Firefox...I use Firefox and love it. My computer tech guy said that the spyware, malware, etc. on IE is the worst. I never use it anymore.
I have many less problems now.

Evi said...

Tina, in the last two weeks I had nothing but problems with blogger. Had a young man here to fix it, and it still did not work. thanks to fellow bloggers sharing what they knew, I fixed it. Yes, it was the pop-up. I cannot reach the girl that gave me the tip to thank her on her comments can be posted on her blog...and no e-mail. She is having problems now.
When blogger is doing something new, they should put a notice up for everyone on how to fix it. That would save many of us, who are computer challenged from having to spend money for someone to help fix it. I was going to throw in the towel, I was that mad.
Hope all will be well. I love the little bear...charming...
Have a great week, Evi