Friday, 6 January 2012

All about the Bears

Hello Sweet Friends
and Happy Friday

First of all, I want to thank you all
for the wonderful Birthday wishes I have received.
I´m so sorry I haven´t had the time to visit you all.
Wish the days had more hours.

This first month of the new years
is going to be all about the bears.

The sickness during Christmas really got me.
I´ve had a hard time getting on top of things
and have been feeling really tired.
So I haven´t really gotten back at things
in the Tinybear Studio.

The Hugglets Fair in London is sneaking up on me
and there´s only 7 weeks left. So far I have only one bear ready
this sweet little 3.5 inch girly bear Hazel

(If you see this Beth - this is what I was going to use your coin purses for)

I´ll need about 25 bears to fill my table
which means 24 more to go
and 6 week to do it, as the last week before have to be
sat aside for preparing the table setup and paperwork.
Simple calculation says that´ll be 4 bears pr. week from now
so you´ll see - it´s going to be all about the bears :-)

If you don´t read my blog for the bears sake
I promise there will be other stuff too - lol.

About the bears
Some thoughts have been rummaged in
my head for some time now
and this is where you come in
my dear readers

So far I have been updating my website with new bears
when I have had enough - say 3-5 bears between shows.

I´ve been wanting to do this on a more regular basis
but haven´t decided how offen
or if it would do any differents.

so my question is:

Should I have a sceduled website update say ones a month
or every second month on certain dates?
Should I have a few website updates a year, like a personal webshow?
Should I just update when I have enough bears as I have done so far?
Does it do any differens?

I would love to hear your thought on this matter.
If you don´t feel like posting on here
feel free to email me - my emails are in my profile.

What would you prefer if you were a collector?

Wishing you all a beautiful day

Tina ♥♥♥


JDConwell said...

My point of view is not from a bear collector's (although I love your bears, and love seeing them, I can't afford them! :~P) But I love your updates on bears, the prizes you find at antique fairs, etc. Schedules are great for helping us get more regular about things, but don't let the concept stress you out!


susana said...

Hello Tina, wish you have a healthy year.
i love this new bear, everything on her is wonderful, so enjoy your making within just a short time, i know you can manage them.
i' m not sure how much time you need to spend on updating the website... but i still remember that an UK bear artist who will have new bears the first few days of each month. seems it's a kind of commitment for her collector.
try to have a balance between work and rest, all the best in the next show.
cheers, susana

Angela Weimer said...

Tina, A belated Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed it. Been tied up in the holidays and still recovering from the move. Once a month or how you are doing it seems fine. I am still waiting for that special bear to come along although all your bears are fabulous. Just looking for particular names and styles that go to the name. Best wishes for the next show and hope you have a happy healthy New year! Take care. Angela

Jensters said...

Tina happy belated Birthday and hope you quickly mend so you can get your bears made for the show...I could look at the bears you make everyday...but i suspose its upto the individual and how often they buy a bear!!! sorry that means no help form me xx

Vintage Market Place said...

Don't over do it, take it slow you wanna be well for your big show.
This little bear is wonderful, the color is gorgeous.
My mother collects bears and these are small enough not to take a up a ton of room in her small house.
Maybe a great gift to think about for her.
What if you just did an update after your 4 a week goal is made.
That way you put your work first but still let your followers know what will be at the show :)
Good luck with everything Tina.
Take care

Xela said...

Happy New Year Tina!
Hugs Alexandra

Alisa Noble said...

Happy {belated} Birthday, Tina!

I love seeing your new bears, so I would say as you finish them.

Have a great weekend!

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Tina, I am glad to hear that you are feeling better, there is a terrible cold going on here to. I love your beautiful bears and would love to see more, more, more of them. They are just the sweetest! Happy New Year! Hugs, Terri

Leanne said...

I hope you're a 100% soon. That sounds like a lot of bears.

the only advice I can give that whatever schedule you decide on ... that you let us know -- in your blog or via email. I don't think I would remember to check on a certain day...

Anonymous said...

Tina, dear friend, I say to do what you are comfortable with when you have the time. It's such a busy life and scheduling blogging isn't really that important. Being happy with what you're doing, staying healthy and un-stressed and continuing to bless us with your creations - I think we'd all agree - anything we see here is special whenever we see it! :-)

This little bear's color is just sooooo huggable! It's precious!

Continue to feel better.....!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!

Hazel is adorable. I was admiring her the other day when you posted her but I didn't have time right then to comment.

As for updates, I like seeing them once a month, but on the other hand only you know how many bears you can produce and how often you can realistically update your site. Collectors will always be happiest by you doing what's best for you!

Hugs, Kelly

The Sewing Basket said...

Glad to hear you're getting better Tina!
I'm not a collector so not sure if my answer makes sense but I like the updates here, whenever you feel like doing them but for the website it might help people if there was some regularity to it. I think a webshow is a good idea if you can manage it because it builds interest. But the truth of it is, your bears are beautiful and collectors will find them no matter how you choose to update!