Sunday, 11 December 2011

A beautiful sunday trip

We went out looking for our Christmas Tree today.
It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided
to take a trip to
for their anual Christmas Market

Such a wonderful place only thing that was missing
was a little bit of snow don´t you think.

When wandering through the booths in
the old horsestables I can across this beautiful place

I think everything in here is so pretty
I just had to share it with you all.

lots of handmade creations and so beautifully displayed.
Everything is from
Guld og Grønne Skove

They don´t have an online shop
but welcomes emails at:
so if you see something you like
just go ahead.

Our Christmas Tree...

we didn´t find what we´re looking for
so of we go next weekend to have a look
somewhere else. Still plenty of time - huh...

Tina ♥♥♥


Vintage Market Place said...

too bad about the tree but at least you had some fun.
Better luck next week

Shirley said...

Hi Tina, Even though you didn't find your Christmas tree, you still had a wonderful drive. Your pictures were so pretty and it made me feel like I was traveling with you. Have a great day Your Missouri Friend.

Jensters said...

I love christmas markets...wonderful pictures Tina...sorry you didnt find your tree tho x

Vicki said...

Sorry you didn't find a tree but these goodies look like fun!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Tina,
what a magical place - thanks for taking us along.I'm sure you willl find your perfect Christmas tree.
Have a great start of the week.

time worn interiors said...

I always loved Christmas time in Germany! So many outdoor markets to visit.

I'm sure you will find a tree soon!


Rusty Hinge said...

Hello Tina, Thank-you very much for visiting my blog all the way from Denmark! That is so neat! I am glad you did as it led me to yours! Love it! I am your newest follower!