Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hello Sweet Friends

and thank you so much for all
your get well wishes.
I´m sorry I haven´t been able to reply to you all
individually this time - hope that is okay.
I´ve started the threatment at the Physio
and I have to say it´s a tough one - urgghh
Apparently there´s a lot of myalgia
so this is going to take a long time, but I´m confident
it´s be good in the end.

Enough of that

I have been able to slowly start working in the studio again

and since I had to skip some of my plans on my to-do list
I went straight ahead towards Christmas

and have been making sweet little hearts

These are made from one of the vintage table cloths
I have found at the Flea this summer.

with a little piece of tea dyed muslin stamped
 with a whreath stamp and some silver glitter
on the front, I though they would make a sweet
little decoration for Christmas

A few have been listed in the shop

Never too early for Christmas right....
It´ll be here before we know ;o)


I´m currently working on bears for the

This is going to be a fantastic online show.
I can´t show you any of the bears yet, but I promise
they´ll be something very speciel.
Make sure to pop over and get the details.
I´ll post more about this later.

Thank you so much for visiting today
and wishing you all a wonderful day

Tina ♥♥♥


sissie said...

Hi Tina!
OMG, these are so precious. I love the little patch of muslin on each heart.
I'm glad that you are feeling a little better.


Marianne@Songbird said...

glad to hear that you are feeling better!
Those hearts are so adorable! Good on you to get ready for Christmas early.
Hope you will feel all better soon.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Tina your hearts are so beautiful! I am glad to hear that you are on the rode to feeling better :)

Viola said...

Hi Tina, I`m also glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better! Your hearts are so lovely! Hugs, Viola


Vintage Market Place said...

oh Tina.
Get well soon!!
Your creations are so lovely
I agree, Christmas is filling the studio right now. :)

Robin said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better Tina. Your hearts are beautiful. Have a great day.


Celestial Charms said...

Hi Tina,
Glad you starting to feel a bit better. Your Christmas hearts are darling!

Μαζί... KaPa said...

Hello Tina...you are getting well and you are starting to create magic again!!!!

Jensters said...

Sorry to hear you havnt been well Tina...loving those hearts x

Anonymous said...

Tina, I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Stress can definitely do that. I hope you'll be feeling better soon, really soon.

The hearts are lovely, as your work always is. I hope working on your projects helps to DE-stress you!

Hugs, Diane

Old Paper Roses said...

Your hearts are so pretty!
Love them!
Hope you are feeling a little better and that your treatment will work!
Take care... :)

Hugs Michelle

Ivy and Elephants said...

These are so cute! I love the juxtaposition of hearts for Christmas.
I'd love to have just a whole tree filled!

Suz said...

Sweet Tina,
Those are precious! I have a similar thing...and please forgive me if this has already come up. My mind isn't what is should be. I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy and must also exercise, which is so hard. I had a headache from monday to wednesday, which is part of it. I know you are not able to write easily and I will understand but if you ever want to compare notes, I am here.
Big hugs,

Xela said...

Tina your hearts are so lovely.
Hugs Alexandra

Lynn said...

Happy you are feeling somewhat better Tina, and back to the studio, these darling little hearts would look lovely on a Christmas Tree :)

oldgreymare said...

Just when I adore the stockings, I scroll down and see these! <3
Guess I had better keep scrolling and see what the health issue is..

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