Saturday, 9 May 2009

Vacation ahead

Vacation - yipee
Monday morning, my husbond and I will leave for 12 days vacation in Italy. I´m so looking forward to this, and think it´s going to be so great.
The plan is as follow:
We fly in for Milan where we have rented a car. First stop will be Monterosso Al Mare at the coast in Tuscany. Monterosso Al Mare is one of 5 small towns in Cinque Terre - one of the most beutiful spots in the world.

See what I mean. I took this photo last time we were in Cinque Terre. I love the colors of the deep blue sea, the rocks and the houses built in the rocks. You can walk between all 5 towns along the coast, and that´s what we have planned. We are going to stay here for 3 days.

After Cinque Terre the trip goes to Cuneo in Piemonte. Close to the big National Park Alpi Maritime. For trekking of couse. Cuneo is a very pretty city. We drove through last time and only got 2 hours for a walk. I did see a small shop with paints and rubber stamp ect though - have to visit this time.
From Cuneo futher on to Alba - a small town in the middle of the wine district. With walk in the wine marks, wine tasting and god food too.
From Alba back to stay 2 days in Milan before we fly home.

I hope to find some antique shops and flea markets along the way too.
Sounds like something - hmm. wanna come....

Have a lovely saturday


Beth Quinn said...

wow what an amazing place - you are sooo very lucky !!! i want to go too ! LOL!! have a wonderful time !

cinque terre said...

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Dorthe said...

Hej Tina, -en rigtig dejlig, og slappe-af tur til dig og ole, jeg håber i får en masse skønne oplevelser, - og godt vejr at bevæge sig rundt i, -

Pas på jer, og hav en skøn ferie.
Kærlig hilsen, og knus,-også fra henning

artistamyjo said...

Soooooooooo wish I could be there.
You are a very lucky gal to be in such a beautiful place.
Full od envy !

Anonymous said...

Oh Tina, this is so lovely. I can't imagine what it must be like. I travel all over the US for my day job, but never overseas. If I were to go to Europe I think I would get love to get lost in all the museums or take thousands of pictures of old architecture. [sigh]

Have a good rest. See you again soon!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault