Monday, 25 May 2009

Italy 2009

This is what I have been up to. We were travelling around for 12 days - only one day with rain and one day cloudy. The rest was sunny and very very warm.
First stop was Cinque Terre at the coast. The most beautiful spot I have ever seen. (have I told you that before..laughing here.)

5 towns close to the sea in the middle of the mountains. We walked the 4 of them. From Rio Maggiore to Vernazza. The paths goes along the coast - with the most beautiful views to the sea.

See how far up we are - walking on the small paths. End of this walking is the town down there. I love the colors of these small towns - all house painted in orange, yellow, okker with the deep blue sea as background.

After Cinque Terre we went to Cuneo - near the Alpi Marittime National Park. Our plan was to walk from Terme di Valdieri to the valley high up, but the paths was closed. There´s still snow and danger for more snow slide. See the snow on this photo.

snow melting and running down the river. There´s so beautiful in this park. We had 86 degrees and still snow on the top of the mountains.

Futher on to the wine district - rooftops in Barolo. We spend 4 days here. travelling among the small town tasting wine and eating good food.

Last stop was Milan. Our first visit in this amazing city. Leonardo Da Vincis hometown. This is the very famous shopping arkade in the centre of Milan - with all the expensive shops. Look at that building. It´s so beautiful and amazing.
And so is the Duomo. I have never ever seen such a big and amazing building.

You can walk to the top of the Duomo and walk on the roof. 240 steps. It´s really really big. It wasn´t allows to photograph inside the church, so I can´t show you how big it is. There´s place for 40.000 people inside - wow.

Every place on the outside is decorated. It took almost 500 years to built it. Finished by orders from Napoleon 1, and orcourse with a statue of himself on the top.

In another church in Milan, Santa Maria Delle Grazie, 'the last supper' is situated, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortenately we wasn´t able to get tickets. You have to buy them several month before, so this must be next time.

Back to work on the giveaway - coming soon.



Ellen said...

Hi Tina,

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Italy. I love the beautiful photos. Makes me want to go, too. :-)



purplebear said...

Pictures are really beautiful.:)

ginger said...

Your trip sounds wonderful and the photos are beautiful. It looks like a place I'd love to visit one day. I guess I'll just have to add it to my list! Thanks for posting the pics!

Tiedupmemories said...

Wow! Beauriful!I'm sure you are full with inspiration! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!Glad to see you back!

Marlys said...

Beautiful photos, Tina. You must have had a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my word!!! How beautiful! Oh to be able to visit a place like that would be a dream come true! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photos to give people like me who will never know this wonderful place in person!

Anonymous said...

welcome back! Looks lovely. I love visiting Europe.

Artfully Yours said...

these photos are beyond words for me. it is a dream of mine to visit italy someday too. all i can say is "WOW!"

BailiwickDesigns said...

Gorgeous! What a great time you must have had!! ::Jill

Alisa said...

Wow, what a beautiful holiday, Tina! I just love Italy!

Lynn said...

Ohhhhh Tina, I would love to visit this part of Italy some day, I have travelled to Rome, Florence and then we stayed in a medieval village in Tuscany. It was amazing:) My husband is born in Italy and still has some family there, so I hope to go again some day. Your photographs are making me want to go now :)

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful time. Beautiful job on your photos!