Sunday, 5 April 2009

New Jewelry and ACEOs

After finishing those little secrets from the last post I have spend the rest of the weekend making new jewelry. I got hold of some beautiful stones at the fair last weekend - jade, magnasite ect. I don´t know if these names are the right ones, but this is what they are called in Denmark.

I have created some new earrings and a few necklaces with those beautys. I love the color on those stones - light green - so spring. On this necklace I added a Madonna Medallion next to the big Jade.

Earrings in Jade too, with a tiny vintage bead cap on top, hanged on vintag earwire.

Necklace with a beautiful pumpkin-shaped magnasite stone. I have added a vintage simili from an old necklace on top and an old key next to the stone.
The new jewelry are available here.

I also got time to take up Sadies challenge about making ACEOs for the weekly blog update over here.

Using Marie Antoinette collage sheets

I created those. Adding old paper, music sheets, card stock, different cut outs

I really like the colors and had so much fun creating those. These two and some more are available here.

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend. Over here spring has arrived and the sun has been shining almost all weekend - still quite cold in the mornings though.

Until next time ♥♥♥


Lori said...

hmmmm, i forgot all about the ATC challenge...yours are lovely!!! your new jewelry pieces are gorgeous, i really LOVE the earrings!!! that is my favorite style of earring:)

cheryl kuhn said...

wow, I love the colors and shapes of those stones, they add a whole new dimension to your beautiful jewelry!

Alisa said...

Tina, your jewelry is SO lovely!!!
Like Lori, I forgot about the ATC challenge too. Eeek, there just are never enough hours in the day for it all!

Anonymous said...
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