Saturday, 25 April 2009

Birds, Nests and one little bear in progress

I have had a weekness or passion or facination or whatever you what to call it for images with birds and nests lately. I have seen so many beautiful images and so many lovely creations with birds and nests, so I got inspired to create something myself.
So I board some collage sheets - found my old books and some vintage inspired paper I had stored long time ago (almost forgot I had those) and decided to create some sweet little notecards.

I also had those tiny envelopes in my gems - can´t remember how I got them though. So I made some cards to match those envelopes. Decorated with paper from and old book and old music sheets.

and sweet images of birds and nests. All different - in set of 5. They are now listed in my shop.
If you pop over for a look, make sure the check out my shop announcement too, as I´m having a discount until May30th.

So - still working on them bears . This little fellow is on my working table right now. Only his head are finished, but I think he´s looking quite sweet already.

He´s going with me to Stratford too, when he´s finished. It´s going to be quite busy here the next few weeks, as I´m leaving for 14 days holiday on May 11th and when I get back is´t only two weeks to the fair :D.
Okay - better get back to sewing.

Have a lovley weekend.


Anna said...

I just love your bears and these cards are really wonderful- what a great size and shape, too.

Anonymous said...

You and me both with the birds and nests.Love them.I saw a gorgeous pretty big size Bird pincushion by Debby Mumm at Jo-Anns the other day.Im going back to get it just because.LOL.The little bear is gonna be really cute,adorable face on him.LOL.

Lynn said...

Beautiful note cards and your tiny bear is looking soooooooo sweet :)

sowashi said...

So cute face!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina ~ your note cards are realy, really pretty! I was so surprised to receive the incredible art card you sent. What a TREASURE. I have never made artist trading cards, and never seen one up close, but the one you sent is such a beauty. I will treasure your kindness.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault