Sunday, 1 March 2009

A weeks work

During this past week a lot of unfinished projekt ended up on my working table. Scarfs waiting for the decoration, half finished jewelry, fabric heart just sewn together, a head and two arms for a little bear..
When I entered my studio this morning I just couldn´t see my table - I knew I had to have a serious talk with me. So the message was: would you please finish some of those projects before you start on something new...

and so I did. This is what I have worked on this sunday.
The fabric hearts where filled with polyfil and decorated with lace, keys, buttons, tiny roses ect.

Sewn up in the most lovely vintage inspired fabric with old fashion roses on. The photos shows some of the hearts I finished today. The hearts can be purchased here.

Then there was the jewelry. These earrings are made of pieces from an old necklace. I love the color on these pendants. I have added tiny pearls in front and attached them to silver earwires. These earrings together with another pair made of some really pretty silver crowns can be purchased here.

Two new scarfs were finished. I decorated them with tiny pearls in both ends and decorated the safety pin with different pearls too. One scarfs are in a wonderful dusty rose color. The second one - pictured here - are in a beautiful pink color. The scarfs can be purchased here.

Only thing is - the pure little bear is still on my working table without legs and body - pure soul.
I didn´t manage to get that little fellow finished too. Now she is laying on my table looking at me with those sad eyes, thinking: will I ever get any legs and body so I can sit - and who´s going to love me without..
Oh - I better get back to that bearmaking :o)

Have a lovely sunday


Lori said...

Tina, you have been very busy...your hearts are so pretty...i love the fabrics that you chose to make them!!!

cheryl kuhn said...

Wow, what a busy little bee you have been! Beautiful creations all around!!

Alisa said...

Wow, you were busy! Everything is so pretty!

Tiedupmemories said...

Your sweet hearts are so pretty! I was just on catnipstudio's blog and saw what she won from you blog giveaway...She's a lucky gal!Well I 'm tagging people today and wanted to let you know you are tagged!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina ~ I do just the same thing! I enjoy such a variety of crafts, but sometimes I have to remind myself not to begin something new until the other things are finished! Your scarves are really, really lovely, Im heading over to your shop to look more!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault