Tuesday, 17 February 2009

OH NO - not again

oh no - I just hate this.
I got home from work yesterday and turned on my computer to check emails as I always do - and then - no connection!!!!! what...
Okay - I restarted the computer, booted the modem - just nothing. Got on the phone to support, and they couldn´t find out what was wrong eighter. They checked my line several times just to tell me, they had to send me to another support group, who would send me an message on my cell phone when they had solved the problem. And today - still nothing. Now they tell me they just have to fix it friday as the latest - aarrgggg...

So now I´m using my laptop. Fortenately I had bought a wireless connection some time ago just in case this should happen, so I CAN check my emails - phew.

I can´t update my website though - and I had to mark a little bear reserved. Lullaby got spoken for this morning :o)

The internet is my lifeline - I hate to not be able to be out there in 'space' . Huurraaay for wireless connections.
Any of you have it like this....

Have a great day.


Miss Sandy said...

I am so sorry to hear of your technical difficulties, they can be so very frustrating! I did my tag on today's post and left a link back to your wonderful site. I do hope you have a wonderful day!

Sweetina said...

Hello My Sweets!
I am the same way~i feel so out of sorts when the internet goes down or the wifi is on the fritz!
It's such an isolated feeling for us bloggers, isn't it? I mean it brings you in Denmark right here to Arizona and visa versa and so we are all so used to visiting and seeing and learning all right at our fingertips! So *poof* when it's gone~ eek!
Lovely that your sweet bear is spoken for!
hope you're wnet is on the mend soon!

Lori said...

i hope you are all fixed up soon...good for you on selling your sweetie!!!

Alisa said...

Oh, that is just the worst, isn't it! Good thing you've got back up.