Monday, 15 December 2008

Making decisions

I always find it difficult to make those decisions - about advertising that is.
I find that advertising is a must - but to find out how much and where..., that the question.
So far I have signed up for 4 issues in Australian Bear Creations for next year , as I´m going to participate in two shows down under. One online show (be my Valentine) and one real show(Sydney Teddy Bear Fair).
And then I have signed up for all 4 issues of the NEW Teddy Bear and Friends Mag. in the US. I´m really looking forward to the new design.
This mag. is going to have 4 issues a year instead of 6 next year - and each mag. will be bigger with a lot of feature and stuff.

Besides these two magazines, I was so lucky to get a spot in the Lollishops ad. in Somerset Life Spring Issue. This had to be a really really fast decision - and I didn´t hetitate one moment when the sign up was released. You have to be really quick as there´s only 30 spots available.
This will be my first ad. in one of Somersets magazines - oh, I love those magazines.

Sofar with the advertising next year - I´ll have to see what more will be necessary. Maybe I´ll be the lucky one for one more Somerset ad.

I realised I had to have new business cards for my Lollishop too. Spend the day taking pictures for those. And for some mini cards too. I have ordered my new business cards and mini cards at MOOs in UK. Can´t wait to see them in real. I think these pictures will look really pretty on my new cards.

Am I going to have a new look on my blog too next year? - Haven´t decided yet. But I have seen some really pretty designs, and would love to have a pretty look on mine too. I´ll have to make up my mind about that too. There´s some really clever girls out there making designs for blogs.
Maybe I just have too - a must you know....

Have a great day.


pnkgeeni said...

great photos.
i'm still deciding on whether to get some moo cards/stickers or not.

MaygreenFairies said...

Congratulations on Somerset Life... I know what you mean about the Somerset Magazine, I adore them all! Mandy x