Sunday, 20 July 2008

Ahead of schedule

So it´s been a while since I have posted here. That actually means that I´m ahead of schedule :o)
I can´t reminder last time this happened.

A lot of new fabric arrives in the studio these days. Look at those colors - aren´t they just wonderful. This mohair is for my bearmaking class in september. The kits will be made of that lovely pale pink mohair. It´s actually a pale pink with a darker pink tip. You can´t see it on the picture but it´s really wonderful.

This is the new mini bear fabric for the class in september too. Just haven´t decided which of those colors I´m going to make the kit in. Now I just have to make the models. I have them planned in my head - just have to sew them :o)

And all the advertising arrangements for fall are made. I´m going to advertise in The Teddy Bear Club International magazine and the Hugglets Guide for the fair in september.
The hangtags to use on the bags at the Hugglets Fair are ordered - I´m awaiting them every day now. Quite excited to see how they look for real.

Quite a few bears are already finished for the fair - yipee. I these days I´m working on a totally new design to be released at Hugglets. A sweet big-headed little fellow. The first one came out really cute. I have big expectations for the design - you´ll just have to wait at bit to see them.

Now it´s time for some 'in between bears' projects - see next post.
For now hugs, Tina

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